5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Pick Your Overseas Career Option Only Because Someone Is Doing Great at It?

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The desire to achieve excellence in educational and professional life seems to be at its all-time high for Nepalese students. At least the recent data from several institutions validate it.

Do you know that the number of Nepalese international students is rapidly growing in the countries like Australia, USA, and New Zealand? Nepalese student community in Australia is the eighth largest community of international students. Similarly, according to the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, USA saw an increase of 18.4% in Nepalese students.

So, what makes Nepalese students move out of their home country to pursue higher education?

Obviously, there are a reasonably good number of reasons for it. To name a few, better education system, jobs with good earning opportunities, and a better lifestyle can be considered significant.

Studying in the reputable universities help them to achieve success in their chosen career pathway.

Are you also looking to pursue higher education abroad for better career options?

The more important question is - Do you pick your overseas career option only because someone is doing great at it?

You will find lucrative career opportunities on offer at the universities in which international students have already graduated and are doing great in their professional lives. But, can you choose a career path merely on the fact that others have achieved high in an area? What about your own interests?

Take your career decisions based on reliable facts and not on a recommendation of others.

No matter which country you chose for your higher studies, you will face challenges at every step of your education journey. It is important to know about the country’s education system, top universities, and courses before taking admission. Here comes the importance of an overseas education consultant who provides the right counselling and guidance for your chosen career.

Here are the top five reasons to hire an education consultant to make your overseas study successful and hassle free:

Career Counselling

Taking guidance from an expert is the first step needed when deciding to study abroad. Based on the facts and information, you can make right decisions regarding your future career. However, it should be taken from a certified higher education consultant.

During the face-to-face consulting, the experts will help you choose the right institution and courses based on your career goal. It is the right way of dispelling your doubts and get suggestions.

Guidance for Admission

Apart from telling you about the best courses and universities, the experts offer advice on admission procedures, course fees, and on overall costs needed for your stay. Further, the education consultancy may help you in finding a suitable accommodation as well.

Assistance for choosing the right institution

When you’re applying for an admission through an education adviser, you will enjoy a greater chance of getting admission in the preferred colleges. It is because the consultancies have tie-ups with leading institutions providing placements to overseas students. Whereas, when you apply yourself without the guidance of experts, the chances of getting rejected remains high.

Visa Assistance

Getting a student visa is one of the most difficult tasks faced by aspiring students. Before applying for your visa, you need to know about the immigration policies, documents, and other eligibilities required for it. But, you won't need to go through these hassles if you take visa assistance from an expert. They are experienced and know the rules well to handle the process perfectly. It increases the chance of getting your visa quickly.

Job Awareness in Abroad

The primary goal of pursuing your higher studies abroad is acquiring world class education to get a lucrative job and a better standard of living. A good education consultant will provide information about the employment opportunities and the amount of money you can earn after completion. You will feel more motivated and work hard towards achieving your dream career.

Besides that, an education consultant may help you with scholarships, financial estimation, and other assistance needed for your success. In short, the education experts play important roles in helping you make your dreams of overseas studies come true.

Do you want to study abroad but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Book a free one-to-one counselling with one of our education experts and outline your overseas study pathway. 

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