How can ‘UK Admission Assessment Day’ make your admission chances stronger with UK universities?

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A rich academic history, lush green countryside, and an experience of a lifetime! For years now, the United Kingdom has been a top pick for students in Nepal for their higher education for such wonderful reasons .

But, how do these students find their way to these universities?

It is through meticulous planning, focus, and good profile assessment that makes the dream of studying in the UK come true.

Yes, Profile assessment. You read that right!

Assessing your admission profile, particularly for UK universities, can help you get into your dream university and shape your future in the UK.

But, how can you assess your profile? How to find the best university that matches your academic profile? Here is the answer.

Aecc has come up with 'UK Admission Assessment Day' that brings top UK university representatives to help you identify the right university for you in the UK based on your profile.

Intriguing right? 

What is an admission assessment?

An admission assessment is a pre-step for college and university admissions. Students' academic profiles are analysed by admissions counsellors and, based on their academic qualification & performance, interests and career goals, they shortlist universities for these students. It is also a great opportunity to learn about various scholarships provided by UK universities too.  

What can students find on the 'UK Admission Assessment Day'?

If you want to be admitted to a UK university for the May or September intakes in 2023, the aecc UK Admission Assessment Day is a MUST to attend!

You will find:

  • Personalised guidance from the UK's top universities.
  • Guidance on the best courses available in the May & September 2023 intakes
  • Get a closer look on how student life in the UK looks like.Get the latest visa updates.
  • Interact one-on-one with the representatives about scholarships and other financial support you can get.

You can find some of the UK's top universities and study providers at the event. They are NAVITAS, OIEG, Study Group, UWE, EduCo. 

NAVITAS- Master in providing life-changing student experiences through best-in-class education. It has a strong network of around 60,000 students globally every year.

OIEG: Oxford International Education Group is one of the fastest growing education providers, with some of the best universities as its partners. It helps students globally to get into UK universities every year.

Study Group: They are international education experts and have helped thousands of students over the years to get into their dream universities, not just in the UK but also in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

UWE: University of West England, Bristol, is ranked 12th in the Guardian university rankings and has a thriving international educational community. They have got some of the world's most renowned scientists, researchers, and professors, so you know you will learn from the best.

EduCo: They help students expand their international reach in terms of higher education. Their expertise is quite diversified, and students can really benefit from their experience. 

If this is getting you excited about fulfilling your dream of studying in the UK, then come to our in-house event on Nov 2.

Click here for more details. 

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