Why and Where to Study Nursing in Melbourne?

If you are wondering as to what are the options for pursing a nursing career in Melbourne, Australia, as an international student, we have you covered. Going through this post will help you have an overview on – types of courses, the universities offering nursing courses for international students, their fees and more.

Nursing is a unique profession that involves a person’s whole heart. In fact, a nurse pours her/his heart out every day to take care of every single aspect of a patient’s needs. It’s makes nursing is a very challenging yet a fulling and noble job. At certain moments, you may feel down while on other occasions, you feel just awesome, and can change a patient’s life forever. That’s the reason why people often call it a ‘blessed profession’.

Employment Opportunities

No matter which part of the world you are living in or where you want to study, nursing profession will always offer great job opportunities. The salary may vary, but nursing is a future-proof profession, which means whether it is recession or inflation, nurses are in-demand.

The scope of nursing turns out to be more substantial when it comes to the countries like Australia. The Australian government spends a decent amount of the budget on the healthcare sector, making sure that the citizens receive better healthcare services.

Over the past few years, the country has been facing the shortage of qualified nurses. To address this shortage, the government authorities and operative bodies have initiated bridging or IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program. The program is designed to attract the overseas nursing graduates by making them aware of the newer technologies, Australian health care settings and the language.

The completion of the program also enables overseas nurses to earn five migration points towards permanent residency in Australia.

Once you are a registered nurse in the country, there are various settings, such as hospitals, private clinics, schools, community centres etc., where you can practice nursing on a decent salary.

Why Choose Melbourne for Higher Studies

Various Australian cities are known for providing a perfect environment to international students hailing from different countries, but Melbourne is the most liveable among all the cities. It’s the capital city of the State of Victoria and one of the top four student cities alongside London, Paris, and Boston.

The highest score for stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education and infrastructure are some of the traits that make Melbourne the ‘world’s most liveable city’.

When you study in the city, you will be living in a safe and vibrant city that offers brilliant study options, services and a variety of things to do.

According to QS World University Rankings, six of Victoria’s ten universities are among the top-ranked universities in the world. And, Melbourne is a global knowledge hub for native as well as overseas students. Whether you are interested in research, technical courses, English language or business, you will be learning with the best academicians and researchers.

The types of nursing courses for international students offered Melbourne -

Melbourne is a home to some world-class universities offering different nursing programs, including:

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Nursing

Below are given the list of top-five universities in Melbourne and the nursing courses offered by them for international students:

The University of Melbourne:

The university is one of the finest universities in Australia. It ranks 32 in the world and offers three nursing programs. The courses are:

Master of Advanced Nursing (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 1.5 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD30,816 per year

Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 2 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD30,816 per year

Master of Nursing Science (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 2 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD30,240 per year

RMIT University:

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University ranks 401 in the world and offers a wide range of courses in nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing (Undergraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 3 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD29,760 per year

Diploma of Nursing (Career-Based/Vocational)

  • Duration: Online/Distance- 2Years
  • Fee: Around AUD38,750 per year

Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 1 Year
  • Fee: Around AUD26,880

Master of Science (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 2 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD30,720 per year

PhD- Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing) (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time
  • Fee: Around AUD30,720 per year

La Trope University:

The university offers four graduate and postgraduate nursing courses.

Bachelor of Nursing (Undergraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 3 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD34,000 per year

Master of Nursing Science (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Online/ Distance- 20 Months
  • Fee: Around AUD32,000 per year

Doctor of Nursing (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Online/Distance
  • Fee: Around AUD34,800 per year

PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

  • Duration: Full Time- 4 Years
  • Fee: Around AUD35,800 per year

Victoria University:

The university ranks 301 in the world and offers five nursing courses, including:

Bachelor of Nursing (Undergraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 3 Years

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Integrated) in Nursing & Midwifery

  • Duration: Full Time- 4 Years

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing and Midwifery

  • Duration: Full Time- 4 Years

HLT54115- Diploma in Nursing (Career-Based/Vocational)

  • Duration: Full Time- 2 Years

Master of Nursing (By Research) (Postgraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 2 Years

Charles Strut University:

The university offers only one undergraduate nursing program.

Bachelor of Nursing (Undergraduate)

  • Duration: Full Time- 3 years
  • Fee: Around AUD25,600 per year

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