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Why Study in the USA?

Often looked to as being the leader of the free world, you’ll find numerous top-ranking universities and educational institutions that provide globally recognized degrees.

In the USA, there are four (4) institution options, including:

  • State Colleges / Universities
  • Private Colleges / Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Institutes of Technology.

Each offer varying study choices and levels of affordability to suit everyone.

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The American Education System

There are over 4,500 universities and colleges in the USA, offering 10 times the number of tertiary-level study opportunities than any other country.

Which makes it much easier to follow your career aspirations with so many options to choose from.

And if you’d like to further your studies, you can take on a Master’s Degree (2 additional years) or Doctorate (1 – 4 additional years) in an incredible number of disciplines.

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The Cost of Studying in the USA

Studying in the USA can be expensive, with state colleges charging upwards of USD$23,000 or more per year and private colleges averaging USD$31,000 or more for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

If you’re after an Associate Degree, you can gain one at a public college starting at a much more affordable USD$3,300 per annum.

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Post Study Employment Options

The USA has strict employment rules, however skilled workers are in demand in the right industries.

The first step is to apply for a Green Card (or United States Lawful Permanent Residency) which gives the holder the right to both settle in the USA as well as work in paid employment.

For the experience of working in the USA without settling there permanently, you can also apply for work visas on a temporary, seasonal or exchange worker basis.

This requires a Work Visa, as well as permit to work, called an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD).

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Preparing for study: a step-by-step guide
to applications and visa requirements

  1. Register With AECC Global And Talk With An Education Counsellor
  2. Apply To Institutions With Our Help (We Have Great Working Relationships With Many American Universities And Colleges)
  3. Sit an IELTS Or Any Applicable Examinations
  4. Receive an i20 Document
  5. Collect Student Visa Document
  6. Fill DS 160 Form & Book Visa Interview
  7. Attend Visa Interview
  8. Collect Passport
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5 Great Reasons to Study in America

  • Academic excellence – you’re choosing to study at some of the world’s best institutions
  • Cutting-edge technology – the USA boasts the world’s most advanced internet and technology infrastructures on earth
  • Long term career prospects – studying at a prestigious American university could give you career credibility for many years to come
  • Campus experience – you’ll have a diverse social experience and a range of social opportunities and clubs to join
  • In the US you can experience soaring mountains and rugged coastline, all in the same state, which means you’ll never be bored exploring all there is to see

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