What Are the Most Popular Courses That Nepalese Students Want to Study Abroad?

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It’s interesting to know that there has been a consistent growth in the number of Nepalese students stepping out of home country to pursue higher education in the countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, Canada, and others.

Out of all these countries, Australia has always been one of their most preferred destinations for studying abroad.

Lower fees, simplified student visa process, abundant scholarships scheme, part-time job opportunities, and better career prospects are some of the important reasons for this preference of Nepalese students. A recent study revealed that more than 20,463 Nepalese students opted for the Australian Universities making Nepal the eighth largest source of international students in Australia since September 2016.

How about the courses? What are the most popular courses that Nepalese student want to study abroad?

In general, students tend to choose courses based on their personal interest in a subject. Nepalese students are no different. However, their choice of courses is also impacted significantly by the available job opportunities and growth prospects for a subject in the given country.

Here are some of the most popular courses for Nepalese students studying abroad, more precisely in Australia:

Engineering Courses

Australia is a home to 7 top universities offering engineering and technology courses based on 2015-16 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The engineering programs are known globally for its quality clubbed with modern training facilities that help candidates to gain skills needed for career development. Availability of scholarship schemes, an internship program for fresh graduates, chance to settle permanently and job opportunities attract Nepalese students to take engineering in the island country.

Nursing Courses

Nursing is an excellent career choice for youngsters looking to work as a health professional and serve fellow human being. Extensive studies and skills are necessary to become a successful nurse.  Australia’s nursing program and courses are an ideal choice to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse professionally. Candidates can pursue diplomas, bachelor degree, and master in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Australia’s nursing courses are recognised globally due to the inclusion of contemporary practices in the training.  Acquiring a recognised certification in nursing deliver high career prospects to graduates in Australia and abroad. As the healthcare industry is reeling under chronic shortage of skilled nurses, graduates enjoy great employment opportunities in the local market.

Hospitality Courses

Hospitality is a deemed career option for someone who loves to serve guests and manage them. Aspirants can opt for certificate course, diplomas, to master in hospitality and management in Australia universities. Advanced theoretical and practical skills in the training help graduates to be prepared for the industry market.

The Hospitality and Management Industry is growing at a rapid pace due to the incessant inflow of tourists in Australia. There is an abundant job opportunity for hospitality graduates in the hotels, restaurant chain, café, transport system, and cruise liners among others. Thus, Australia could be your dream destination to kickstart your career in hospitality.

IT Courses

A career in Information Technology is one of the most sought-after career options for Nepalese students in Australia. Studying IT courses in the top-rated universities help students to acquire quality education and skills to move ahead in the career. You can pursue certificate courses, diplomas, bachelor to master in IT in Australia. Further, fresh IT graduates can opt for Professional Year in IT program to be prepared for the local market.

Many IT conglomerates have established their facilities to provide customer service across the globe. There is a constant rise of job opportunities for skilled graduates in the IT industry. Therefore, it is a hub for Nepalese students to start their dream career.

Apart from that, Nepali students prefer to pursue accounting and finance course, medicine, and social work among others in the country.

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