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When it comes to visas, the process and outcomes can be very daunting for a lot of people. You need a team you can trust to give you the right guidance on documentation and process.

At AECC Global, we’ve got years of experience in handling visa applications. Requirements vary by country and change often. We are always updated about the changes and equipped to support you. While our counsellors can guide you on general visa documents if you are managing your own application, you have the support of our in-house migration agents if you need help with a more complex question.

Study Visa for Australia from Nepal

Australia is home to over 40 universities, each offering diverse educational programs to international students across the world. The beautiful weather and spectacular beaches make Australia a popular destination for students dreaming of a unique international study experience. When it comes to educational excellence, Australia boasts of Go8 Universities, owing to the immense research contribution from the Go8 students to the world. Every year, over 3,00,000 international students apply for a student visa to study in Australia.


Study Visa for Canada from Nepal

With over 100+ universities, Canada is known for providing quality education with high-end, research facilitated campuses to international students. A total of 30 Canadian institutions have been featured in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2020, out of which 3 are in the world’s top 50- a feat successfully accomplished by only a handful of countries. Every year, over 6,00,000 international students apply for a student visa to study in Canada.

Student Visa for New Zealand from Nepal

New Zealand universities have several dynamic and distinct, layered, quality assurance systems, which ensure learning and teaching are of a superior standard. Besides the fact that it’s probably one of the most beautiful places to live in, the prodigious reputation of New Zealand universities is one of the reasons why over 90% of international students chose to study in the country. Every year, over 2,00,000 international students apply for a student visa to study in New Zealand.


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