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What is GRE Exam?

The ETS GRE in Nepal is an assessment program administered and conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Service). It is considered a qualification for admission purposes for students wanting to pursue (Master's degree including business and Law) across the UK, the USA and other developed countries. Over 1000+ schools from 150+ countries accept the ETS GRE Exam score for admission processes. 

Universities and Management Schools use the GRE scores and other relevant academic qualifications to choose suitable candidates for their law/management program and fellowship recipients selection.

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Types of GRE in Nepal

The GRE Exam is conducted in two types; the GRE General and GRE Subject Test.

GRE Exam - General GRE in Nepal (Test Centre)

In order to enrol in a master’s program, doctoral program or a law program overseas, students take up the GRE General Test.  This GRE Exam evaluates students’ quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and critical thinking skills. Most of these skills are developed gradually during their schooling and are not specific to any particular subject or field of study.  Hence, the GRE aligns with the required skills for successfully enrolling in on-demand graduate programs, including Law and Business from top-ranked institutions across the world.

The ETS General Exam is conducted on a computer at the ETS test centres. Students can prepare for the ETS GRE Exam at AECC Global Nepal to get high scores and enrol in their dream institution.

GRE Exam - General GRE in Nepal (At Home)

Considering the COVID-19 protocols, the GRE General Test (at home option) is convenient for students preferring to take the test from the comfort of their homes. The home test can be taken on your computer, either in a secure location or at your home, monitored by a proctor. Candidates are asked to have their computer scanned for a software check to avoid cliches or cheating.

The “at home GRE General test” is similar in format to the test taken at the test centre. One advantage is that you can register and take up the test at your convenience as it is conducted round the clock, all days of the week. 

In order to take the GRE Test at home, one must meet all the requirements mentioned below:

Hardware and Software Requirements

1. Computer

  • Laptop or Desktop computer (tablet, mobile and Chromebook are not allowed).

  • OS versions ( Windows 10 or 8) / (MAC 10.5 or higher).

  • Dual monitors are not permitted.

2. Software Requirement

  • Download the ETS Secure Test Browser 
  • Download the Windows or MAC version.
  • Run the Equipment Check.

3. Speakers

  • Use either internal or external speakers to listen to the proctor.
  • Earphones or headsets are prohibited.

4. Microphone

Use an additional microphone to communicate with the proctor (that is not part of a headset)

5. Camera 

  • Use either a built-in camera or a webcam.
  • The camera used must be capable of showing a 360-degree view to the proctor.

Environment Requirements for GRE in Nepal

1. Privacy
  • All candidates must take the test in a closed room, with no one being allowed to enter the room during the test.
  • You shouldn’t take the test in any of the public spaces, including restaurants and internet cafes.
2. Seating and Equipment Surface
  • Your keyboard and computer/laptop must be on a tabletop surface during the test.
  • Candidates should sit on a standard chair - overstuffed chairs or couches are not allowed.
  • Candidates are not allowed to consume food or drink during the test.
3. Clothing Protocol     
  • Your clothes must not cover your ears throughout the test.
  • You are advised to be dressed appropriately during the test as the proctor will watch you.
  • Avoid wearing accessories such as jewellery, ornate clips, tie clips, combs, headbands and barrettes.

What is ETS GRE Login?

The ETS GRE login is the portal to register for the GRE Exam. Students can use their respective ETS GRE login credentials for the following purposes:

  • Reschedule, cancel or view your registration.
  • View or apply for an approved testing venue.
  • Download or view GRE scores.
  • To update information such as your contact number or email.

GT -  General Training Module

Registration Process for GRE in Nepal

Nepalese Students can complete their GRE registration process in any of the following 3 methods:

  • GRE registration by ETS account
  • GRE registration by phone
  • GRE registration by email

How to register for the GRE Exam through ETS GRE Login?

Step 1 - Create an ETS GRE account.

Step 2 - Enter your username and password in the ETS GRE login portal.

Step 3 - Pick a test centre and register via My GRE home page

Step 4-  Verify your email id in the ETS GRE login portal.

Step 5 - Select an available test date from the calendar.

Step 6 - Select the time and click on the register button.

Step 7 - Follow the payment instructions.

Once you finish the registration process, a confirmation email will be sent from the ETS confirming your test date, test choice, and test centre. You can also see your GRE Results and GRE Scores in the portal.

GRE Exam Fee in Nepal

GRE Exam Fee in Nepal (Type)

GRE Exam Fee in Nepal (USD)

GRE General Fee

USD 220

GRE Late Registration Fee

USD 25

GRE Rescheduling fee

USD 50

Change of test centre

USD 50

Detailed information on the GRE Exam

Exam Name


GRE Full Form

Graduate Record Examinations

What is the GRE Exam?

A standardised test.

GRE Accepted Countries

Accepted by over 150 countries.

Who conducts the GRE Exam?

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Official Website

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