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As an international student, choosing the right course of study for you in a new country is an important decision. It’s not only money, it’s also time that you can’t get back if you choose a course or institution that doesn’t meet your study or long-term career objectives.

Talking with the top consultancy in Nepal for Canada (AECC Global Nepal) can help choose the course and destination that best fits you. You can tell us your career goals and we’ll give you the right guidance on the study choices that will get you there.

We can help, whichever stage you’re at:

  • Considering university or further courses of education in Canada and other top study destinations?
  • Want to know about different institutions in these destinations and how the course options they offer compare so you can make a good choice?
  • Need assistance with student visas?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve studied outside of your home country before or not, we can help students from every level from university preparation courses right through to PhD and Master’s level research.

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