Upcoming Webinars


Our established University partners will take you on a virtual experience of their respective institutions and engage in a conversation that will clear all your queries on priority.

With carefully curated content and student-friendly platforms in place, these Info-Sessions will provide multiple avenues for students to interact with International University Representatives in a group and on a 1:1 basis for institution-specific, course-specific or country-specific queries.

Hear it from the experts: Live University updates, reasons why you should choose a particular university, what courses they have to offer, virtual campus tours of iconic educational institutions and more, all at one place.

Unlike conventional education fairs that are held just prior to key intake dates, UniSessions is a year-round, always-on, digital engagement solution.

Simply put, it is ‘the easiest’ and ‘the simplest’ way through which you can navigate through the sea of options, and gather the most relevant information you need to know about your preferred universities.

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