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Why is the English Proficiency Test vital to studying overseas?

International students aspiring to pursue their higher education in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the UK, are required to submit the English language proficiency test results as a part of their admission process in universities/ academic institutions.The English proficiency test will examine whether your English language skills are adequate to communicate, understand and produce scholarly writing during your academic studies. Most countries demand international students to submit the results of one of the standardised English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Depending on the course, course duration, university, institution, and the country you choose, you might be exempted from the standardised English proficiency test. Still, you must take up any one of the approved English language proficiency tests to be eligible to study in your desired country or university.
Most institutions in the world use standardised English tests to ensure that international students have the necessary English communication and comprehension skills to do well in their course of choice.

At AECC Nepal, we understand how each of the industry-recognised English tests is conducted and what’s required of applicants.

As a result, we offer the best English test preparation classes in KathmanduPokhara, and Chitwan.

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Preferred English Proficiency Test for each country


TOEFL - the US and Canada IELTS and PTE - UK, New Zealand, and Australia.


TOEFL - US and Canada IELTS and PTE - UK, New Zealand, and Australia.


TOEFL - US, UK, and Canada IELTS and PTE - New Zealand and Australia.


TOEFL - Canada and the US. IELTS and PTE - New Zealand, UK, and Australia.


IELTS and PTE - Australia. TOEFL - New Zealand, US, UK, and Canada


TOEFL - US and Canada IELTS and PTE - UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Why should you enrol in AECC Nepal’s English Test Preparation Classes?

With expert facilitators, top-notch curriculum, and years of experience in teaching students, our English proficiency course coaches help you prepare for all standardised English language Tests across all formats.

Our coaches understand the hindrance faced by non-native English speakers and are competent enough to tailor personalised language programs to help students in the areas that need to be improved. You can enrol in one of our English test preparation centres situated in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

Not only you can master your English proficiency test, but also you will become proficient in reading, writing, listening and effective communication.
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