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5 Best Universities To Study Electrical Engineering Abroad

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Blog Summary Spotlight on leading global institutions known for their electrical engineering programs, research contributions, and industry relevance.

The field of Electrical Engineering opens up multiple career opportunities and is a highly sought-after field. As an Electrical engineering graduate, you would study systems to use devices, circuits, and electronics. If you wish to be an electrical engineering graduate, you can enroll in a bachelor's degree right away after high school. The job market is always on the lookout for electrical engineers and an electrical engineering degree makes sure you upgrade yourself with the latest innovations as you work. AECC Nepal has compiled a list of universities that are considered a pioneer for electrical engineering aspirants.

Electrical engineering at RMIT is about more than just learning the theories behind the discipline of electronics. It's about putting those theories into practice to solve problems. You'll learn the skills necessary to make useful products and provide quality services by spending time on experiments in laboratory classes and designing projects. You'll design and develop a variety of electrical systems, including power generation and distribution systems. You'll also work on electronic and control systems used in various domestic and industrial applications. RMIT ranks among the top 100 colleges in the world in the field of electrical engineering, making it a worthwhile choice.

 2. Florida International University

The field of electrical engineering is an incredibly broad discipline. The university boasts of faculty who specialize in a variety of areas, including control systems, applied optics, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, robotics, and mechatronics. Almost every member of the department conducts both research and teaching. The extensive faculty also boast of work with private companies, providing relevant industry experience to class and lab settings. At the Florida International University, you gain hands-on practice as well as ample networking opportunities.

 3. Edith Cowan University

Amongst the 37 public universities in Australia, Edith Cowan University has been consistently ranking the top university. The electrical engineering courses at ECU are designed after consulting industry leaders. As an engineering student at ECU, you would not only study from texts but also be exposed to a fully functional laboratory environment. You would learn hands-on and be job-ready with an intensive practical experience of almost twelve weeks during your course. ECU is a wise choice to study electrical engineering if you are planning to study and work in Western Australia.

 4. Niagara College Canada

Are you a diploma holder looking to upskill to a degree in electrical engineering? Niagara College, Canada offers diploma and degree programmes for technicians looking to make a career in the field of electrical engineering. An electrical engineering degree in Niagara College, Canada would make you capable of innovating better solutions for the ever-growing power industry across the world. You can also apply for the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist certification.

 5. National University California

At National University, Electrical engineering meets computer science in a cutting-edge course that equips you with an industry-ready degree. A course in Electrical engineering from National University would prepare you in almost all of the critical areas you need to know in order to become an ethical professional in the field. As an electrical engineering graduate from the National University of California, you would be equipped with the ability to solve complex problems through the application of the principles of engineering, science, and Mathematics. You would be able to apply real-time knowledge to solve problems in healthcare, safety, and construction management.

Advantages Of doing a Course in Electrical Engineering

  1. As an electrical engineering graduate, you would be able to work in a cross-field environment, where you would be able to try your hand at various specialties like healthcare, communication, public safety, technology, and data.
  2. The concepts of electrical engineering are quite similar across various fields. The flow of current is a perfect example of this statement. These are same across river streams, water in a pipe or cars. Thus, an electrical engineer can apply his knowledge in a variety of fields.
  3. The field of electrical engineering is an evergreen one, and you can be sure of work opportunities without the fear of being redundant.
  4. As an electrical engineer, you can start a well-paid job in any industry of your liking. Electrical engineers are sought after highly due to the versatility of the course and their use in multiple industries. 

Breakdown of the salaries for electrical engineers across popular international study destinations.


Electrical Engineer Salaries (per annum)


55,000-75,000 AUD


$70,000- $160,000




$58,000- $180,000

New Zealand


AECC Nepal has partnered with Universities across popular study destinations to fulfill your study abroad aspirations. To get started, contact our counsellors today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the leading universities for electrical engineering worldwide?
Institutions such as MIT, Stanford University, University of California--Berkeley, ETH Zurich, and the University of Cambridge are highly regarded for electrical engineering.
How do these universities enhance the electrical engineering learning experience?
They offer cutting-edge research facilities, industry partnerships, experienced faculty, and a diverse student community.
Are there scholarships available for international students in these universities?
Yes, many of these top universities offer scholarships to attract and support international students in electrical engineering.
How do these universities support international students during their studies?
They provide dedicated international student offices, orientation programs, mentorship, and academic support tailored for international students

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