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Top 7 Reasons to Study Abroad

reason to study abroad

 Are you feeling bored staying home all day? Constantly thinking about how to progress with your study abroad dreams amidst the pandemic? If yes, we're here to guide you! Perhaps you could take this time to look into why studying abroad could bring prosperity in your life and why you should still consider it despite all odds. Your higher secon...

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Exploring the Future of Work: Top Careers for International Students in 2030

Top Careers for International Students in 2030

What types of jobs will you be holding by the year 2030? Before you answer, here is an interesting stat. According to a 2017 report by Dell Technologies, about 80% of jobs that will exist by 2030 are yet to be invented. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that individuals could concurrently hold 8-10 jobs in the near future. Co...

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Mental Health Tips for IELTS Preparation


Fresh, prepared, and confident are three things that lead to a good test. But it is not easy to attain all of them at the same time. Exam stress is a common phenomenon among students appearing for tests. Sleepless nights, irritability, lack of focus, and lack of motivation are some of the primary symptoms of exam stress.  In this blog, we will...

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Best Colleges in Alberta for International Students


Alberta, located in Western Canada, is a province renowned for its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and thriving educational institutions. For international students seeking a top-notch education in a welcoming environment, Alberta offers an exceptional range of colleges that are known for their academic excellence, diverse student body, and a ...

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Vocational Education and Training Courses in Australia


Are you an international student looking for a practical and swift pathway to enter the Australian workforce? VET Courses in Australia could be your golden ticket. Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia is not just an educational choice; it's a journey towards real-world skills and rapid employment opportunities. This small blog intro...

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Top 5 Journalism and Mass Communication Courses


Communication and Technology have had a drastic impact on human lives over the last 2 decades. With radio, television, and digital media becoming billion-dollar industries, the demand for mass communication professionals is on a rise across the world. Students aspiring to study journalism and mass communication courses have diverse options to choos...

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Perks of Studying at Central Queensland University


With the rising anticipation of borders reopening to international students, Australia and its universities are all set to welcome students with open arms. If you are aspiring to fly to Australia and pursue your dream course overseas, this is the right time to begin your preparations and complete your student visa process. We're all well aware of t...

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Things to know while choosing to pursue a hospitality and tourism management degree


Do you often find yourself daydreaming about travelling and spending your leisure time at a posh luxurious hotel? Does communicating with multicultural people from all walks of life intrigue you? Has planning a holiday for a large group of people been an easy task for you? Well, it looks like a career in hospitality and tourism management is the ri...

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Top Information Technology courses in Australia


Why IT Courses in Australia  Information Technology (IT) courses in Australia are designed to prepare you for a career as a software engineer or computer scientist. These programs teach students theoretical concepts and practical skills related to their chosen field, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As an IT aspirant,...

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PTE vs IELTS: The differences you need to know


If you're planning to study or work in an English-speaking country, you'll likely need to take an English proficiency test. Two of the most popular tests are the Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). But which test is right for you? In this blog, we'll explore PTE vs IELTS to its core. Starting...

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Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia for 2024


Australia is a thriving economy that is buzzing within the international student community around the world. And for very good reasons. The land down under provides globally recognised quality higher education with easy post-work visa access. In this blog, we will learn about the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia and the qualifications requir...

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Advantages of Studying Fashion Designing Courses Overseas


Every country has its own distinct culture and art forms. While technology is advancing year after year, the availability of art & design courses such as the Fashion Designing Course has also been on the rise across the world for students wanting to study a dynamic-cum-unique course. Right from Producer to Director, Stage Manager to Script Writ...

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Navitas in the USA: Expanding Educational Horizons


As the quest for quality education continues to drive students across borders, the USA emerges as a beacon of higher learning. Among the myriad pathways that facilitate this academic journey, Navitas stands out, offering a unique blend of opportunities tailored for international students. Through partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Q...

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The What, How, and Where of Studying Data Science Abroad!


What is Data Science?  As a study abroad aspirant, you may have hopped on to Google and browsed for colleges and universities abroad. There are chances that you may have filled out forms with your personal details so that the representatives may contact you with relevant information. Do you wonder what happens to the data that you enter in for...

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Canada PR Points and PR Requirements for International Students


Over the past few years, the Canadian government welcomed international citizens with open arms to study, work and get a PR in Canada. Though the country is emerging as a global leader in technology, education, and healthcare, the government is constantly accepting top-notch talents to apply with immense Canada PR points to get PR in Cana...

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Top 10 Civil Engineering Courses to Study Abroad


Have you ever looked at engineering marvels like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sydney Opera House and wondered how the idea took shape, what went into designing the structure, and how was it finally built? Well, somewhere an architect would have given shape to a marvel and handed it over to a Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer would then study the ...

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Why not study Engineering courses in Australia?


Sydney is well known for its Opera House, blue beaches, and its rich and exotic wildlife. But, did you know that the vibrant city of Sydney is also home to some of the best universities in the country? But what makes the destination uber cool for international students? Whether you want to delve into outer activities or explore urban landscapes, yo...

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Study in Vancouver while waiting for your student visa application


Are you an international student waiting for your student visa application to get approved? We get it! It takes ages for visa applications to get approved. This weary wait can cost a lot on the part of students. Students often miss intake dates or have delays in submitting college applications, resulting in semester delays. Some of these delays may...

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7 Best Courses in Australia for Nepalese Students


If you are aspiring to study in Australia, you must be aware that higher education choices that Australia offers are plentiful and diverse. In Australia, you have classic higher study choices like Engineering, Medicine, Business Management and there are also rare and interesting courses like Eastern medicine, Theology and Performing Arts. Based on ...

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Why B.Pharm is the hottest course to study in 2024?


A bachelor's degree programme in pharmacy, sometimes known as a 'B. Pharm' equips students with the information and abilities needed to work in the pharmaceutical sector. Students who complete this four-year programme will have a comprehensive understanding of medications and drugs from their inception through manufacture and distribution. Students...

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