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ACAP: Leading Australian College for Applied Professions


Choosing a career in applied professions involves a balanced approach to education, combining rigorous academics with practical experience. In partnership with Navitas Australia, the Australian College for Applied Professions (ACAP) provides such an opportunity. This guide delves into the options available for studying at ACAP through Navitas, including detailed insights into courses, fees, acceptance rates, and intake schedules for international students. 

Start Your Academic Journey with ACAP via Navitas

Navitas, a global educational service provider, collaborates with ACAP to create a seamless entry for international students into applied professions. This partnership focuses on preparing students for the unique academic and linguistic challenges presented by ACAP's curriculum. The first step is enrolling in a Navitas pathway program, which, upon successful completion, facilitates smooth progression to ACAP courses.

ACAP's Diverse Course Range Through Navitas

ACAP offers an array of programs specifically designed for applied professions, from counselling and psychology to social work, criminology, and more. Each program is meticulously structured to impart in-depth knowledge and skills essential for a successful career in these fields.

For comprehensive information on each course and associated fees, students should consult ACAP's official website. This is a vital resource for understanding both the academic content and the financial requirements of their preferred program.

Understanding Fees and Acceptance Rates

ACAP, known for its commitment to superior training in applied professions, has a competitive acceptance rate, mirroring its focus on cultivating top-tier professionals. Course fees at ACAP are variable, based on the chosen program and study duration. Prospective students must thoroughly research these aspects, and ensure full preparedness for their educational investment in Australia. Generally, fees range from $2,000 to AUD 4,000 per unit, with most courses requiring the completion of multiple units. Students should also budget for additional costs such as textbooks and other materials.

Intakes and Schedules at ACAP via Navitas

ACAP, in collaboration with Navitas, offers various intake periods throughout the year. This flexibility allows international students to commence their studies at a time that suits them best. It is important for students to be aware of the specific timelines for application deadlines and course start dates, all of which are accessible on ACAP's or Navitas's websites.


The Australian College for Applied Professions, supported by Navitas, is a leading institution for specialized education in applied fields. It provides international students with a unique opportunity to acquire academic knowledge and develop vital practical skills essential for their professional development. ACAP is an exemplary choice for those aiming to thrive in applied professions.

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