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AECC Nepal Meet the creative minds behind AECC Nepal's vibrant blog—your go-to resource for all things study abroad! Our talented team of writers crafts compelling articles that make your journey from classroom to international campus a breeze. We're here to demystify visas, decode scholarship options, and dive into diverse cultures. With a flair for making complex topics relatable, we're passionate about helping you unlock a world of possibilities. Trust us, if wanderlust had a syllabus, we'd be your favorite subject! Let AECC Nepal's blog be your study guide to a brighter, global future.
Reggie has over 18 years of experience working with Marketing Technology. Since 2018, he has been championing ongoing marketing innovation and rapid exploration of next-generation content delivery platforms at AECC. Reggie has been a key driver in establishing AECC Global's Digital Innovation Hub in Chennai, India - which delivers marketing and technology capabilities to AECC and many of its partner institutions. In his current role, he collaborates with prominent stakeholders and institutions across the world to strengthen AECC's foothold making it one of the fastest-growing, reliable brands in the international education industry.
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