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A rookie’s handbook to a career in software engineering in the USA

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Blog Summary A comprehensive overview of the software engineering landscape in the USA, discussing industry trends, top employers, and the myriad opportunities available for budding engineers.
software engineering in the USA

Software engineering has long been a top-paying in-demand career, but that can make choosing a specialized field overwhelming. Everyone knows the broad field branches out into countless specializations, but just knowing that doesn't solve the problem. A lot of international students may want to choose software engineering knowing there will be many opportunities down the line, and they're absolutely right. But, you may lack the relevant details and know-how about what actual possibilities are in the field of software engineering

Don't worry! Here is a guide to the top five software engineering courses that would help you accelerate your career in software engineering. 

Amazon Web Services or AWS- Software engineering 

An AWS engineer helps to design and develop automation for continuous delivery and continuous integration processes. As an AWS software engineering professional, you would collaborate with other senior leaders to deliver complex, enterprise-level initiatives that are a part of the company's strategic direction. You would also work with cloud architects to provide operations and migration services that enable the company to tailor the availability and delivery of cloud computing services based on business and technical requirements. A software developer salary in the USA who works with AWS falls in the range of $90,000-$100,000 for a beginner to an experienced candidate.

Core JAVA developer- Software engineering

As a Java developer, you would create dynamic applications and websites. Some design interfaces, others do work that's completely behind the scenes. One of your basic duties is writing class files. Java developers work at all stages of the software engineering process, solicit requirements and create product prototypes as well. A senior Java developer may analyze complex problems, develop documentation, review coding, and evaluate the development process. An architect, meanwhile, directs the project at the Frontend. If you wish to pursue a career in software engineering as a JAVA developer, you can expect a salary of $93,000 as a fresher. As you gain experience, it can go up to $1,15,000 per annum.

Selenium- Software engineering

Selenium is free and open-source software that automates web applications across different browsers and platforms. It's somewhat similar to HP UFT and other older testing tools, but it focuses on automating web-based applications instead of directly testing software. As a Selenium tester, you would write test scripts in various languages like PERL, PHP, and JAVA. You would analyze the various business requirements and develop strategies to test the efficacy and automate the whole process. A software developer and tester can expect a salary of $75,000 as a fresher and up to $105,000 as you gain experience over the years.

Python developer

As a Python developer in the field of software engineering, you will be coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects on the server-side. There's a pretty good chance that you'll also help out with the technological framework for the company in which you work. You might also get asked to create an application for your employer, design the framework for your code, build tools as necessary to get the job done, create websites, or publish new services. A Python developer's salary is pretty competitive and can easily amount to $100k USD per year after a few years of experience.

Hadoop developer

A Hadoop developer is a software engineer who creates applications using Hadoop — an open-source framework that gathers, manages, and stores big data. As a software engineer, working in Hadoop development, you will write codes for new applications as needed to manage a company's existing big data. Big giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo use the Hadoop framework to analyze data and create frameworks. A career in Hadoop development would open up avenues to work with Big data and be part of growing businesses across the globe. A software developer's salary in Hadoop would range anywhere from $75,000 to $140,000 per annum as the experience in the field grows.

As a software engineering graduate, you would be in high demand but it is important that you keep up with your studies and stay certified. Speak to one of our counselors at AECC Global Nepal to find out more about course options as well as university rankings and requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the USA a preferred destination for software engineering careers?
The USA is home to tech hubs like Silicon Valley and leading tech companies, offering vast opportunities, competitive salaries, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.
What qualifications are required to pursue a software engineering career in the USA?
A bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or related fields is typically required, though some roles may demand advanced degrees or certifications.
How is the job market for software engineers in the USA?
The demand for software engineers in the USA is consistently high, given the country's tech-driven economy.
Are there opportunities for international software engineers in the USA?
Yes, many US tech companies hire international talent, though visa regulations and processes need to be navigated.

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