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Griffith College: Educational Excellence in Brisbane and Gold Coast


Griffith College, affiliated with the prestigious Navitas Australia, offers a tailored academic pathway to Griffith University, ensuring students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of higher education. With campuses in Brisbane and Gold Coast, the college provides a diverse and inclusive environment where students from all corners of the globe can thrive. 

Why Choose Griffith College?

Opting for Griffith College means choosing a premier education destination renowned for its nurturing environment, cutting-edge facilities, and a wide range of courses designed to meet the high standards of the global job market. Through its strategic partnership with Navitas, Griffith College ensures that students are provided with a myriad of educational pathways that lead to prestigious degrees at Griffith University. This collaboration is instrumental in offering students an integrated educational experience that combines rigorous academic preparation with practical knowledge, preparing them for success both in Australia and on the global stage.

How to Study at Griffith College through Navitas

Choosing to study at Griffith College through Navitas represents a wise decision for international students targeting academic excellence in Australia. Navitas facilitates a streamlined admission process, extending full support from the initial application stages right through to enrollment. This collaboration ensures students enjoy a smooth transition into Griffith College, which is renowned for its vibrant and engaging learning atmosphere. Navitas's globally recognized stature in the educational sector amplifies the value of this partnership, providing students with a unique advantage. By aligning with Navitas, learners gain access to an educational journey characterised by extensive support networks, superior academic resources, and a pathway designed for success in the competitive Australian academic landscape. This strategic alliance between Griffith College and Navitas paves the way for students to achieve their academic aspirations, nurturing their development into skilled professionals ready to make their mark globally.

Courses Offered for International Students

Griffith College, in partnership with Navitas, offers international students an array of courses perfectly aligned with Griffith University's degree programs, ensuring seamless academic progression. This collaboration highlights a commitment to providing high-quality education that bridges students directly into university studies.

The courses available span critical fields such as :

  • Business and Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology

Reflecting the diverse interests and career aspirations of students worldwide.

These programs are meticulously designed to match the dynamic requirements of the global job market, focusing on equipping students with both foundational and advanced knowledge. Moreover, the curriculum emphasises practical skills development, critical thinking, and industry-relevant expertise, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of future careers. Through this strategic partnership between Griffith College and Navitas, students are afforded a unique educational pathway that combines academic rigour with practical application, fostering an environment where academic achievements translate into real-world success. This innovative approach ensures that graduates are not just ready for their next academic step at Griffith University but are also well-prepared to excel in their chosen careers globally.

Specific Intakes at Griffith College through Navitas

To cater to the diverse needs of international students, Griffith College offers multiple intakes throughout the year, facilitated by Navitas. These intake periods are strategically planned to align with students' schedules from various regions, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to commence their studies at a time that suits them best. The flexibility in start dates underscores Navitas's commitment to providing accessible education to students worldwide.


Griffith College, in collaboration with Navitas, epitomises educational excellence in Brisbane and Gold Coast. The college's approach to international education, coupled with Navitas's expertise, offers students a unique opportunity to pursue academic and personal growth in a supportive environment. As a gateway to Griffith University, Griffith College is an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their global career prospects. Contact AECC Study Abroad Consultants. Begin your journey to academic excellence and global career success with AECC today.

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