SAT Exam Preparation Tips

Candidates are expected to prepare aptly by following the preparation guidelines provided by the College Board to score well in a SAT Exam. The following are the section-wise SAT Exam Preparation tips that will help you score a high score.

SAT Exam Preparation for English (Reading & Writing) Section:

  • Develop understanding of all the conventions of standard English and develop a strong command of English grammar.
  • Read newspapers and articles online to make sure you understand the studied conventions and grammar rules properly.
  • Develop a habit of reading articles from different fields (history, fiction, literature, science, economics, current affairs, sports, etc.)

For this you can use the following:

  • Do as many practice tests as possible (Even though the older formats use longer passages, you can still use them to test your understanding of English)

SAT Exam Preparation Tips for Math Section:

  • Develop understanding of the fundamentals of the topics tested on SAT
  • Learn the basics of graphs and their interpretation
  • Learn to use calculator wisely
  • Understand the guidelines for Student Produced Responses
  • Study from Khan Academy:
  • Do as many practice tests as possible (Even though the older formats use more questions and no calculator section, the question types have not changed)
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