SAT Scores & Results:

How are SAT scores calculated?

English section is scored in the range of 200 - 800
Maths Section is scored in the range of 200 – 800.
Thus, SAT is scored in the range of 400 – 1600.

The above scores are calculated based on the number of questions student got correct in each section. Each SAT exam has a different scoring curve, which is used to calibrate against slight changes in difficulty across the exams.

What is Percentile in SAT Scores?

Candidates’ percentile rank in the SAT exam scores represents the percentage of students/candidates whose SAT score is either equal or lower than their score. For instance, if a student’s SAT score is in the 80th percentile, 80% of the students who took the SAT exam have achieved that score range or below.

How to Check SAT Scores?

  • Sign in to your account from the College Board site.
  • Click on the online score report under MySAT.
  • Printing your scores: Click on the Details button and click the Download Report button to print your scores (this option is available on Desktop mode only).

Sending your SAT Score:

Most institutions in the USA require candidates to submit their SAT score reports through the College Board - they do not accept copies of online score reports or score report labels on transcripts.

Before Scores Are Released:
You can send four free score reports to colleges every time you register for the SAT. This is the fastest way to send scores to colleges and scholarship programs—and there's no fee. You can use your free score reports up to 11:59 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time, nine days after the test.
To send additional score reports outside of the four that are free, you have to pay $14 per score report.

After Scores Are Released:
If you're sending scores after you get them, there's a fee of $14 per score report.


English: 670 – 800

Math: 730 – 800


English: 580 – 660

Math: 650 – 730


English: 540 – 580

Math: 540 – 650


English: 530 or lower

Math: 530 or lower

What is Answer Services?

The College Board team has a robust and systematic approach in calculating candidates’ test scores to ensure accuracy. In order to cross-verify test scores, candidates have access to the test score verification services, i.e.) Answer Services.

When candidates order answering service for their SAT results, based on the location and the time they had taken the test, they will receive either Student Answer Service (SAS) or Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)

Both SAS and QAS services can help students/candidates to have valuable insights to prepare better for retaking the SAT Exam. Candidates can apply for answer services when they register for the SAT Exam or after their SAT Exam Date.

Question and Answer Service:

The Question-and-Answer Format includes:

  • A copy of a report demonstrating candidates’ answers and the SAT questions.
  • The scoring system, instructions and the right answers.
  • Insight about the difficulty and type of each test question.
   Student Answer Service:

The Student Answer Format includes:

  • A full-fledged SAT results report demonstrating how well candidates have answered questions in each section.
  • Insights on the difficulty and type of each test question.

Hand Score Verification:

If a candidate has not received a score that they expected, the error would probably have been incorrectly marking the answers. In this case, the College Board provides candidates with an option to rescore the test through hand verification. Candidates can apply for hand score verification by filling out the request form on the website.

  • Candidates can request answer services either during test registration or after their test date.
  • Candidates not ordering answer service during registration can still order via below-mentioned ways:

Applicable fees:


More Information


Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)

This service provides the test questions from the specified test you took, the correct answers, scoring instructions, and a form you can use to order a copy of your answer sheet.

The QAS service is not available for every SAT administration.


Student Answer Service (SAS)

This service provides a list of question types from the specified test you took; whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly or omitted the answer; and the level of difficulty.


Multiple-choice hand score verification

When hand scoring of a multiple-choice score is requested, your entire answer sheet will be manually reviewed—you can't request verification of scores for a single section on the SAT. If you order hand score verification, you will no longer see the full online score report, and you won't have access to the Student Answer Service or Question-and-Answer Service for your hand scored answer sheet.


Note: The fee for answer service is non-refundable. Candidates can apply for a refund only if they are absent on the test day.
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