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The What, How, and Where of studying Data Science abroad!

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Blog Summary A guide to the global frontrunners in data science education, emphasizing their curriculum, research contributions, and the industry connections they offer to students.
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What is Data Science? 

As a study abroad aspirant, you may have hopped on to Google, and browsed for colleges and universities abroad. There are chances that you may have filled out forms with your personal details so that the representatives may contact you with relevant information.

Do you wonder what happens to the data that you enter in forms?

Millions of aspirational students like you would have filled out these forms. The data from these forms are collated, incorporated into usable data forms, examined and inferences are drawn to report the outcomes. These outcomes are used to design products and services around the customer's specific needs. There has been a lot of debate around the world regarding the way data is collected, shared, and handled to gain business results.

Well, working with data for meaningful results is exactly what you would be dealing with as a data science aspirant. Data science is gaining a lot of traction as more and more industries are dealing with copious amounts of data on a daily basis. Companies are now actively employing data science techniques to design products and grow their business around the needs of their customers. 

What does a Data Science course cover?

The study of data science basically combines statistics and computer science, so it is a great choice for computing and numbers enthusiasts with an analytical mind. The field is relatively new and is evolving on a daily basis but studying abroad can give you access to some of the best courses in the world. The curriculum changes from university to university but a data science course covers programming, statistics, mathematics, system architecture, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. You can opt for a bachelor's in computer science and go on to pursue a master's degree in data science.

How does a master's in Data science help build a promising career?

A master's in data science would put you on an accelerated path to a top career. The Bureau of Labour and Statistics has predicted that the demand for data scientists would grow faster than the average requirement by the year 2028. The average salary of a data scientist with a master's degree is $115,000. To pursue a master's degree in data science, you need to decide on the university and work on the admission requirements as stipulated. Here is a list of five universities that you can choose from popular study destinations if you want to accelerate your career in data science.

Best universities to pursue a course in Data Science abroad

1.University of Leeds

There is a growing trend for people who can navigate and manage the use of data. These individuals require an understanding of computer science and mathematics, as well as a familiarity with the data needs and processes of a number of areas, including healthcare, business, government, and the environment. The Data Science and Analytics Master's degree from the University of Leeds in the UK would help to develop skills in analyzing statistical and other structured datasets, contextualizing results, and getting insights from data. The master's degree is a one-year programme and costs around £27,000 a year for international students.

2.University of Canterbury

There are a few programs in New Zealand that help new graduates become data scientists. The Masters in Data Science program emphasizes work-integrated learning where you will work on industry projects while studying. It's designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in a non-CS major, and it offers a balance between the theory and practice of data science. The program has an emphasis on broad skills like advanced analytical capability, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.

The University of Canterbury has strengths in data science, including several relevant research centers making you a well-rounded data scientist. The master's degree in Canterbury is for a period of one year and costs around 40,000 NZD

3.Griffith University

At Griffith University in Australia, you can get a one-of-a-kind bachelor's degree in data science. Whereas a master's degree is commonly offered by a lot of universities, Griffith University is one of the few that offer a bachelor's degree. Data science is a fascinating field and highly relevant for a lot of companies out there. At Griffith University, you can undertake the study of data science as part of a double degree. Learning data science will make you more employable, but if you do it as a major or double degree, you'll gain a particularly specialised skill set and increase your employment options. A bachelor's degree in Griffith would cost around $35,000 AUD.

4.Grand Valley State University

The master's degree in data science and analytics from Grand Valley University is one of five interdisciplinary degrees that are on offer in applied statistics, molecular biology, data analysis, biostatistics, and health informatics. As a data science student at Grand Valley, you will be required to participate in a combination of formal coursework and vocational activities. The faculty have access to many research grants and industry partnerships and are actively working on real-world projects with local non-profit organizations. The GRE or a GMAT score is compulsory and you should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for your undergraduate degree. A master's program would cost an average of $20,000 tuition.

5.Western University

Western's Data Science curriculum teaches students about the rapidly-emerging discipline of data science by integrating multidisciplinary courses and programs. The resulting education prepares students for a future career as well as empowers students to understand the field better. The Western University offers a one-year master's degree that lays stress on experiential learning combined with theory and hands-on experience to enter the data analytics field. A master's degree in data science combines the principles of machine learning and statistical learning techniques, thus making it the best choice for someone with a non-data science background. A master's degree program at Western University Canada would cost $50,000 including tuition, program fee, and other ancillary expenses.

A data science course is going to catapult your career and make you a sought-after resource in the job market. The decision to choose a university abroad need not be stressful anymore. Walk into AECC Nepal and speak to a counsellor right away!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which universities are renowned for Data Science courses internationally?
Institutions like MIT (USA), Stanford University (USA), University of Cambridge (UK), and ETH Zurich (Switzerland) are top choices.
What should I consider when choosing a university for Data Science?
Consider factors like course curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and alumni network.
Are scholarships available for Data Science courses?
Yes, many universities offer scholarships for international students pursuing Data Science.
How long is a typical Data Science course?
Bachelor's degrees typically last 3-4 years, while master's programs are usually 1-2 years.

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