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6 Best Computer Science Universities in the USA in 2023

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Blog Summary Spotlight on the leading US institutions in 2020 known for their computer science programs, research contributions, and industry connections.
6 Best Computer Science Universities in the USA

Having been one of the tech giants in the world for decades, the USA houses over 1,000,000 international students from all parts of the globe. Right from Artificial Intelligence to Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Cyber Security, the educational institutions in the USA offer courses in diverse specialisations to help accomplish the career goals of international students.

According to the 2019 report Open Door Report, 5.5% of students in the USA were international students, making it one of the most promising countries to study and work overseas.

So, If you are a student aspiring to study either an undergraduate or postgraduate or research degree in the USA, here is a good read for you! 

To make things simpler for you, we have compiled the top 7 universities in the U.S. to study Computer Science Courses. Go on and find out what’s out there for you!

1. Stanford University

Spanning across 8,180 acres, Stanford University is one of the renowned campuses in the USA comprising 10+ research institutes and 7 schools including School of Humanities and Sciences. The University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Computer Science and allied courses. Every year, students from over 90 countries opt for Stanford University owing to its extensive academic research and innovative records.

The SAIL (Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) library at the university was founded in 1962 and has been a rewarding centre for Artificial Intelligence practice and research for over 50 years. One of the notable scientific inventions of this University is the special computer which can be operated from a carbon nanotube.

According to the Times Higher Education report, Stanford University ranks 2nd in the world to pursue Computer Science and allied courses.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a private research university based out in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT boasts a dynamic campus environment with international students’ groups of diverse cultures.

Spanning across 168 acres, the research university features 18 student residences and 100+ public artworks, making it a better place for international students at the very first sight. The University offers an array of Computer Science courses such as Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Design and Engineering, Computer Networks, Cryptography, Data Mining and Human-Computer Interfaces.

Scientific and technological explorations accredited to this University include the invention of magnetic memory (core), which then paved the way for the development of modern digital computers.

According to the Times Higher Education report, MIT ranks 4th in the world to pursue Computer Science and allied courses.


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3. Carnegie Mellon University

Located in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a private university ranked amongst one of 25 educational institutions admitted to the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum.

The Computer Science Department of CMU University offers Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral programs to international students across the world. The University offers 3 different course options for students who have completed/ will complete a bachelor’s degree, and keen to expand their knowledge in computer science technology via a master’s degree. The M.S. program in Computer Science allows students with a bachelor’s degree (in computer science or allied field) to converse with academic advisors to customise a curriculum of their choice.

CMU is also a leader in Robotics Technology. The software that aids NASA’s crash avoidance systems and Mars rovers were invented at CMU. The University is now working keenly on landing a robot on the Moon. 
According to the Times Higher Education report, CMU ranks 6th in the world to pursue Computer Science and allied courses.

4. Harvard University

Situated in Massachusetts, Cambridge, Harvard University is spread across 5,000 acres of campus comprising 12-degree offering schools and an Institute for Advanced Study (Radcliffe). The University is also home to the most prominent academic library in the world, with over 20 million volumes and 5 terabytes of born-digital manuscripts and archives.
Harvard University offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, including Elements of Data Science & Privacy and Technology to international students around the world.

The CRCS (Center for Research on Computation and Society), at Harvard University, collectively brings scholars and computer scientists from an array of fields to make betterment in researches that can effectively solve public issues. Harvard researchers are also using Data Science as a tool to tackle and slow down the community spread of the Covid-19. 

According to the Times Higher Education report, Harvard University ranks 8th in the world to pursue computer science and allied courses.

5. Princeton University

With over 150 buildings and 10 libraries located on campus, the University is spread across 450 acres in the heart of the city, New Jersey. Princeton University is an easy reach for international students staying in both Philadelphia and New York City. The University offers both Undergraduate and Graduate programs to international students studying in the U.S. 

When it comes to the Computer Science Department of Princeton University, it is renowned for its research and innovations. Princeton computer scientists invented new methodologies which allow researchers to precisely identify duplicates or losses in the DNA of cancerous tissue. 

According to the Times Higher Education report, Princeton University ranks 9th in the world to pursue Computer Science and allied courses.


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6. California Institute Of Technology

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is located at Pasadena in California, a few kilometres away from Los Angeles. One of the well-renowned engineering and scientific research education institutions in the world with over 30 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Faculties and Alumnus of this prestigious institution.

Caltech has 6 academic divisions within the campus, each functioning impeccably with an emphasis in research, innovation, science and technology. 

When it comes to the Computer Science Department, the institution offers courses such as Advanced Digital Systems Design, Robotics, Computer Algorithms and a few other advanced courses.

Caltech has done many top-notch pieces of research with a high output alongside skilled facilities, both globally and on campus. This includes the Caltech Seismological Laboratory, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the International Observatory Network.

According to the Times Higher Education report, California Institute Of Technology ranks 10th in the world to pursue Computer Science and allied courses.

To know more about other computer science universities in the U.S., do fill in the inquiry form. Our expert counsellors will get in touch with you to guide you in achieving your study abroad dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these universities enhance the computer science learning experience?
They offer cutting-edge research facilities, industry collaborations, experienced faculty, and a diverse student community.
Are there scholarships available for international students in these universities?
Yes, many of these top US universities offer scholarships to attract and support international students in computer science.
How do these universities support international students during their studies?
They provide dedicated international student offices, orientation programs, mentorship, and academic support tailored for international students.

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