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Columbia College Vancouver: Ranking, Courses & Acceptance Rate


"A Legacy of Quality Education" - is the motto that has driven Columbia College to reach its current position as Canada's longest-established international not-for-profit college and an independent charity that offers first- and second-year university-level courses that can lead to Associate level degrees which is fully transferable to local Canadian universities. 

Historic Milestones:

  • 1985: expanded offerings in business and engineering, solidifying its status as a top preparatory school in Canada
  • 2011: 75th anniversary celebrated, marking the start of significant global recruitment, especially from South Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa.
  • 2012 - Alumni Achievement Recognition: Celebrated the first alumni to be elected as a Member of Parliament in Canada, underscoring the college's influence on producing leaders in public service.

Columbia College in Vancouver has significantly expanded, currently educating over 2,100 students from 61 countries, and providing comprehensive pathways to university success and professional development.

Columbia has opened its doors to education for all since 1936. The college believes in creating a space where everyone is heard, supported, and encouraged to excel. Let's explore how Columbia makes learning accessible and impactful for every student through their mission, vision, and values.

Mission Statement:

Equip students to become responsible global citizens who can communicate, think critically, and positively impact communities around the world.


An inclusive society where students can access the education of their choice and contribute to positive social changes.

Core Values:

The Fundamental beliefs and principles of Columbia have made them incredibly valuable and let's get them,

  • Culture of Inclusion: Everyone can share their different views safely. We help people be themselves, no matter their background.
  • Culture of Justice: Treat everyone fairly and work to make sure no one feels left out or unfairly treated.
  • Culture of Excellence: Aim high in school and work, always looking to get better. We're brave in trying new things and believe in learning all life long.
  • Culture of Reciprocity: Share ideas and learn from each other. This helps everyone—teachers, students, and staff—grow together.
  • Culture of Democratic Equality: Everyone gets to have their say in decisions. They listen to each other and make choices together with respect.


Columbia College promotes "Equitable access to education", aiming to empower students from diverse backgrounds since 1936. Its philosophy centres on removing educational barriers, providing supportive learning environments, and preparing students for success in the broader economy and community.

Columbia College Rankings and Reputation


Columbia College's Associate Degree Programs have the approval of British Columbia's Minister of Advanced Education. Its Senior Secondary Program is provincially certified. Incorporated as a Non-Profit Society in BC, the college also meets the EQA standards set by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and is a full member of Colleges and Institutes Canada.

Alumni Success Stories:

Amazing Fact: Columbia's walls have echoed with the footsteps of over 100 Nobel Laureates, shaping the future with each discovery.

With its stellar rankings, esteemed accreditation, and illustrious alumni, Columbia is not just a place to study; it's where future leaders are made.

Are you ready to join the ranks of Columbia's distinguished alumni?

Learn how AECC can support your journey to Columbia University

Programs Offered by Columbia College

We are here to help you make your dream of studying at Columbia University come true. From picking the right course to landing in Columbia, we've got your back. Let's see what fits you from Columbia College courses.

Undergraduate Programs at Columbia College

List of Majors: Students can choose from a variety of majors including but not limited to:

  • Arts and Humanities: English, History, Philosophy, Visual Arts
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
  • Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science
  • Engineering and Applied Science: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Special Programs:

  • Honors Programs: Designed for academically exceptional students, offering advanced coursework and research opportunities.
  • Study Abroad Opportunities: Programs available across the globe, allowing students to gain international experience.
  • Internships: Connections with leading companies and organisations, providing practical work experience in various fields.

Considering a UG at Columbia College? -Know what Columbia has High school programs to University courses:

know more here!

Postgraduate Programs at Columbia College

Columbia College provides a unique advantage for its alumni, offering postgraduate programs exclusively to those who have completed their undergraduate studies at Columbia. This creates a seamless pathway for Columbia undergraduates to advance their education within the same esteemed institution

Programs offered:

Students can choose from various fields for their master's degree, including:

  • Arts and Sciences: Subjects like Computer Science and Political Science.
  • Professional Studies: Such as Business Administration and Journalism.
  • Engineering: Courses in Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.
  • Unique Programs: Like Data Science and Sustainability.

Research Opportunities:

Columbia is a hub for research, offering:

  • Academic Courses: Offers research methodology courses in fields like political science, communication, and psychology.
  • Resources & Events: Provides a large library and hosts events such as AI workshops and the Limitless Conference.

Do you know about Co-LAB? Where it encourages innovative student-centred learning and community projects and offers resources for experimenting with teaching methods, conducting research, and community development, with a review panel including students and community leaders guiding funding decisions.

PhD Program Admission at Columbia 

Columbia doesn't offer a PhD directly. But, after completing your degree here, you'll be well-prepared and highly regarded for admission into prestigious Ph.D. programs at universities around the globe.

Admission Process

  1. Deadline Check: First, you need to look at the application deadlines to make sure you apply on time.
  2. Online Application: You can apply by filling out an online form available on Columbia College's website.
  3. Application Fee: You'll need to pay a $200 fee through Flywire
  4. If needed, your English test scores, like IELTS 6.5 as a minimum, or TOEFL 57 as a minimum.
  5. Study Permit: You need a permit to study in Canada. Use your acceptance letter to apply for one at a Canadian embassy. It takes time, so apply early. Some students from specific countries can get their permits faster through something called the Student Direct Stream.




Summer 2024

March 15, 2024

Fall 2024

June 28, 2024

Winter 2025

November 15, 2024

You can apply by filling out an online form available on Columbia College's website.

Required Documents

  • our latest school marks and your academic transcripts.
  • Your high school diploma if you're applying for university programs.
  • A copy of your passport's information page.
  • Columbia College prefers original copies or notarized copies of these documents during admission.
  • If requested, your English test scores, like IELTS 6.5 as a minimum, or TOEFL 57 as a minimum.

Other than the documents, you will have to fill in the application form which can be obtained from the official website of Columbia College, for which you'll need to pay a $200 fee through Flywire.

If everything is submitted correctly, you could get an admission offer within two weeks.

Campus Life at Columbia College

Overview of Campus:

Columbia College boasts a historic campus in the heart of New York City, offering a vibrant blend of urban life and academic tranquillity. With state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, libraries, and recreational facilities, where you as a student will have everything you need within a close-knit community.

Student Organisations:

The campus is alive with over 500 student organisations, including cultural clubs, sports teams, academic societies, and volunteer groups. Whether you're into debate, robotics, music, or social activism, there's a community for you.

Housing and Dining:

Columbia provides a variety of housing options, from traditional dorms to apartment-style living, ensuring a comfortable home for all students. Dining plans offer a wide range of healthy, delicious options, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences.

"Did you know? Columbia College students can boost their resumes with a Co-Curricular Record (CCR), showcasing skills from activities beyond the classroom, available for free via the Student Portal!"

Support Services:

The university is committed to student well-being, offering comprehensive support services including:

  • Counselling and psychological services
  • Health services with on-campus clinics
  • Academic support through tutoring, writing help, and study workshops

Columbia College Tuition and Scholarships

 Here we get a quick glimpse of Columbia College tuition fees,


  • Tuition Fee: About $75,000 per year.
  • Scholarships can significantly reduce or fully cover the $75,000 yearly cost, depending on need and merit.


  • Tuition Fee: Between $50,000 and $60,000 per year.
  • Assistantships and fellowships often fully cover tuition and provide a stipend (up to $30,000 annually) for living expenses.

Tuition Deposit: If you're coming from another country and get accepted, you'll pay CAD 14,540 for your first two semesters, health insurance, and other fees. Local students pay CAD 7,175 for their fees and classes for one semester.

Have you heard about Columbia's CREATE programs? - the Centre for Equitable Access to Transformative Education supports forcibly displaced students with bursaries, aiding those from regions like Syria and Yemen. Since 2016, the CREATE program has helped many students restart their education and even raised over $2,500 through the Ride for Refuge challenge for this cause.

To know more about scholarships and aids- click here. Your Columbian dream is a click away from you!

Columbia College Career Services

Career Support at Columbia College

Columbia College provides students with comprehensive career support, encompassing resume building, interview practice, and access to job and volunteer opportunities. This ensures students are well-prepared for their future careers.

Employment Success

Graduates of Columbia College exhibit high employment rates, with most finding work or continuing their education within six months after graduation.

Starting Salaries

Starting salaries for Columbia College graduates range between $60,000 to $100,000, depending on your field of study.

Employer Partnerships

Renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, and leading banks regularly recruit graduates from Columbia College, highlighting the institution's strong connection with industry leaders.

Columbia College offers more than just an education; it's a place where future leaders are shaped. With top-notch programs, financial aid for those who need it, and a campus full of life, Columbia prepares students for success. Plus, the career support is fantastic, with many grads landing great jobs quickly.

Looking to expand your horizons? AECC can help you find the right path to success, no matter where in the world you want to go.

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