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Study in Vancouver while waiting for your student visa application

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Blog Summary Dive into the possibilities of starting your education in Vancouver even as your student visa application is in process. This guide offers insights on how to make the most of your time, ensuring a seamless transition once your visa is approved
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Are you an international student waiting for your student visa application to get approved?

We get it!

It takes ages for visa applications to get approved. This weary wait can cost a lot on the part of students. Students often miss intake dates or have delays in submitting college applications, resulting in semester delays. Some of these delays may lead to loss of an entire academic year.

But wait! There is a solution to this problem.

Acsenda School of Management brings forward enriching online programmes, especially for students awaiting their visa applications

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Acsenda School of Management welcomes students who:

  • Begin their programme between Sep 1, 2022, and Aug 31, 2023.
  • Are waiting for a study permit before Aug 31, 2023.
  • Will be able to complete 50% of their course online without affecting their Post Graduate Work Permit eligibility. 

Relaxed Post graduate work permit eligibility:

In the wake of pandemic measures, the Canadian government has taken a measure to boost online study programmes without affecting post-graduate work permit eligibility. Students stationed outside of Canada are eligible to finish 50% of their post-graduate studies online without having to affect their work permit conditions. 

What are the advantages of studying online in Canada?

Finishing 50% of your post-graduate programme in your home country comes with multiple benefits: 

What gives Acsenda College an edge over the others?

  • Acsenda College has designed a curriculum that gives students the flexibility to learn and explore academics in a fresh innovative way.
  • It has a keen focus on business, allowing students to learn its nuances in a competitive business-centric environment.
  • Its small classrooms make it perfect for personal learning focused on individual growth and global presence.
  • The programme is designed to train people to think and act globally, giving them an edge over other b-schools.
  • Students applying to Acsenda School of Management have an easy admission process, welcoming students with assistance in every way required.
  • They offer attractive financial aid to talented students looking for a rebate on tuition fees.
  • The programme offers students round-the-year study flexibility with in-between session breaks when required

In this post-pandemic world, the flexibility to study from remote locations without missing any opportunities is an integral part of modern-day academic life. Acsenda School of Management takes the milestone step to ensure that this is a reality for its students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study in Vancouver while my student visa application is pending?
Typically, you cannot start your studies in Canada until you receive a valid study permit. However, you might be able to enrol in short-term courses that last six months or less.
How long does the student visa application process take for Canada?
The processing time varies but can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on various factors including the volume of applications.
What can I do in Vancouver while waiting for my visa?
Vancouver offers numerous cultural, recreational, and tourist activities. You can explore the city, visit landmarks, and immerse yourself in local culture.
Is there a risk of my visa application being denied?
There's always a risk, but ensuring you provide all required documentation and meet the eligibility criteria can increase your chances of approval.

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