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Upcoming UK Universities Intakes 2023-24

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Blog Summary A guide detailing the upcoming intake seasons for UK universities, discussing their timelines, application processes, and what students can expect.
upcoming uk universities intakes

With history, heritage, and a hell lot of rain, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular Study Abroad destinations for international students.

If you are one of those people whose dream is to study in the United Kingdom, then this blog is for you. Our blog categorises various intakes for UK universities in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

UK University Intake

UK Universities take applications majorly from September-October or January-February. These are called Autumn admissions and Winter admissions respectively. 

  • Fall or September/October intake
  • Winter or January/February intake
  • Summer/Spring or May intake

Top rated Universities for January 2024 Intake:

Anglia Ruskin University
University of Leicester
University of Greenwich
Aston University
Leeds Beckett University
University of Law
Bangor University
Liverpool Hope University
University of South Wales
Bedfordshire University
Liverpool John Moores University
University of London
Birmingham City University
Liverpool University
The University of West of Scotland
Bolton University
London Metropolitan University
West of England University Bristol
Brunel University
Manchester Metropolitan University
London South Bank University
Bradford University
Middlesex University
Coventry University
Brighton University
Northampton University
Greenwich University
Buckinghamshire New University
Oxford Brookes University
University of Hertfordshire
University of Central Lancashire
Nottingham Trent University
Sheffield Hallam University
Chester University
Plymouth University
Portsmouth University
Chichester University
Queen Mary University London
Ulster University- London and Birmingham
Cranfield University
Queen University Belfast
Northumbria University
Cumbria University
Richmond The American International University in London
Canterbury Christ Church University
Derby University
Roehampton University
University of South Wales
East London University
Southampton Solent University
Durham University
Edinburgh Napier University
Southampton University
Robert Gordon University
University of Essex
Royal Holloway University of London
University for the Creative Arts
Glasgow Caledonian University
Staffordshire University
University of Gloucestershire

Fall/September or October Intake in the UK 

The most significant and well-liked of the three intakes offers a wide selection of courses. The largest intake begins in September and gives admittance to a large number of people. The deadlines for the fall intake are typically between September and October. To increase your chances of studying in the UK, you must submit your application as soon as possible because the intake takes the maximum amount of international applications.

Here are the top universities for UK September Intake

Queen Mary University of London Brunel University
Coventry University University of Oxford
University of Liverpool University of Cambridge
University of Exeter Kings College London
Aston University Birmingham City University

Winter/January or February Intake in the UK

January intake in the UK is typically a supplementary intake, however, it is a good opportunity for students to finish their admission process if they were late to apply in September.

It allows extra time for students to finish their submissions. To join the January batches, students need to ensure their admission process is finished by September. Here are a few UK Universities that are open to intake in January:

Queen Mary University of London Brunel University
Coventry University Bangor University
University of Liverpool Birmingham City University
University of Exeter Brunel University
Aston University Edge Hill University

The admission process is a tedious task, especially for international students. So, if you have missed both September and January intake, you still have an option for February intake.

Here is a list of UK Universities that are offering February intake: 

Kingston University Anglia Ruskin University
Northumbria University Birkbeck University of London
University of Chester City University of London
University of Greenwich De Montfort University
University of Sunderland Keele University

University of Exeter 

University of Exeter was established in the year 1955, the University of Exeter is an excellent option for international students. It is home to more than 20,000 students from 130 countries and has campuses in Exeter and Cornwall.

The various courses offered by the University of Exeter are open for intake both in September and January. Check out the above link for a detailed overview of the university. 

University of Liverpool 

University of Liverpool rich in history and culture, Liverpool John Moores University was established in the year 1823. This university offers multiple courses that are acclaimed internationally and are open for intake in January. Navigate through the above-mentioned link to select your course and learn everything about their admission.

Coventry University 

Coventry University is relatively a new university with its campus right in the centre of England. It offers both a good city and community experience. You can find a huge number of international students enrolled in this university.

Additionally, it offers January intake in many courses so students have a good chance of a late submission to Coventry University. 

 Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University situated in England's second-largest city, Birmingham City University offers a diversified educational experience. Thriving in terms of both educational and cultural experience, the roots of this university date back to 1843. If you are late in your submission, you should check out the above link to check for January intake.

University of Sunderland 

University of Sunderland is a highly respected institution in the United Kingdom offering profound academic experience with excellent student support and personal care. The University of Sunderland participates in world-renewed research so students get to be part of big research cases, helping them gain much in-depth knowledge in their course.

Another great attribute of this university is that it is open for February intake. So, if you are late in your submission, check the above link to get your application accepted by one of the leading universities in the UK. 

University of Surrey 

With its rich history that roots back to 1891, the University of Surrey hosts more than 16,000 students on its campus, out of which 36 percent are international students.

Additionally, it is perfect for late applicants as it has an open intake in February as well. 

Summer/Spring or May Intake in the UK

If you have missed both fall and winter intake, you still have a chance to get into a UK university through April/May intake, aka. Spring intake programmes.

Certain universities and courses in the UK call for April/May intakes, these numbers might be very few and restrict your desired choice of university or course, but it is worth getting your application in April so you do not miss an academic year. Here are a few picks that might help you with your Spring intake in the UK:

Coventry University Ulster University
Northumbria University University of Chester
Queen Mary University of London Sheffield Hallam University
Keele University West of Scotland University

Sheffield Hallam University 

Sheffield Hallam University ranked among the top 5 modern universities in the UK, Sheffield Hallam University has a reputation for getting its students job-ready. And, it is one of the few universities that has open positions for April intake. So, if you are looking for a good English countryside experience with a modern academic curriculum then this is the university for you.

University of Salford 

Take the high road of industry experience from the University of Salford. Situated in Greater Manchester, this university offers an ardent technical and practical experience to students. 

Best News?

It accepts April Intakes. 

How to apply to UK Universities? 

  • Choose the university and course for which you want to apply.
  • Obtain information on the deadlines and admissions prerequisites.
  • Prepare for and pass the required exams, such as the IELTS.
  • Organize the required paperwork.
  • commence the application process at the university of choice.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS | At the heart of connecting people to higher education) in the United Kingdom is your one-stop destination to apply to universities in the United Kingdom.

Applicants need to fill out the university/college forms from this link and ensure all the required details are uploaded before the admission deadline on the UCAS portal. 

Are Admission and Intake different? 

Yes, intake is referred to as the start of an academic curriculum. This means students who have finished all their admission requirements can start their academic curriculum from the intake season.

International students often confuse intake with the admissions process. But, it is important for international students to check with the UCAS website to know the key dates regarding the admission deadline. 

Intake Admissions
January/February Intake June and September
September Intake February and May
April/May Intake January – February (Applications may open by October-November)

Intakes in UK – Documents to Be Arranged 

Intakes in UK – Deadline Info 

Intake Deadline
Fall Between February and May of the same year
Winter Between June and September of the previous year
Summer Between October and January

UK Intakes 2024 – Which Intake to Choose 

The decision of an intake to study in the UK is influenced by a variety of factors. Your intake decision is largely influenced by the university and programme that you have chosen because not all options for both universities and courses are available in every intake. Your past academic performance, your exam results, the start and deadline dates for applications, and other factors are additional factors that influence your choice of intake. 

September is an open all Universities and Courses season, so students get the maximum option
Competition is the highest in September
Multiple Scholarships are available for students
The application process is also complex for this particular intake
Internship options also come in handy for September intake students
The number of students is far less than the September intake, therefore applicants have much less competition.
Applicants get fewer University and Course options in the January intake
Applicants get more time to complete their admission process.
Spring Intake
Spring intake has the least competition for students among all 3 intake season
Spring Intake has the least option in terms of universities and courses available for students. 
Applicants do not waste an entire academic year and start their course in Spring/Summer

If you still have questions, read our FAQs to get a brief and precise answer to your queries regarding admissions in UK universities.

Or else, you can speak with one of our educational consultants and get assistance in your admissions process. 

Explore a wide range of courses through our Course search platform or contact a counsellor at AECC Global Nepal right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many intakes does the UK have?
The UK has majorly 2 intake seasons, September and January. Out of which September sees the highest number of intakes, January is another busy intake season but has way fewer intakes in winter in comparison to Fall intake.
Which intake is best for the UK?
Under normal circumstances, September intake is considered to be the most popular choice. However, the intake season highly depends on the university course you are applying for. The course you choose might have a January intake so Winter intake becomes your go-to choice.
Why is September intake better?
September intake is better only because all courses and universities are open for applicants. This way students get plenty of options in regards to their choice of university and course.
Is February intake available in the UK?
Yes, February intake is available in the UK and is generally carried out along with the January intake season. Certain universities and courses are open for February intake. Since these intakes are much lesser in number, applicants have much less competition which comes as a good advantage for their application.
What is the major intake in the UK?
September is the major intake in the UK since all universities and courses have an open seat for applicants. And, it is the primary focus of all international students to start in the September intake to maximise their opportunity in terms of course and university selections.
What is the September intake in the UK called?
The September intake season is called the Fall/Autumn intake season. This is the largest intake season in the UK, especially for International students.
Is January 2024 intake available in the UK?
January 2024 intake in the UK is closed as the intake is referred to as the start of the academic calendar, and we are already past that intake date. For the January intake season, students have to complete their admission process much earlier than January.

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