PTE Test Result & Scores

What is PTE Score?

PTE band score helps evaluate your English proficiency skills. PTE scores in the band range from 10-90 on a global scale for the English language, and measures the accuracy of your English skills.

PTE Score Range

There are 20 different item types and each test taker does between 70 and 91 items in any given test. The overall score in the PTE test ranges from PTE band score range of 10-90 points. The PTE score calculator is carried out on the basis of PTE band calculator. The score scale of PTE Academic shows increments of four points.


PTE Score Validity

The validity of the PTE score calculator is of two years from the date of appearing for the test. Post to the expiry of the mentioned date, the PTE score calculator is not valid and won’t be accepted by universities

PTE Score Availability

PTE academic scores are available within five business days after appearing for the test. PTE test candidates are notified via mail about the PTE score calculator online and evaluation.

How to check PTE Score/Result?

To check the PTE Score Availability, candidates have to just follow these simple steps:
  • The PTE results will be out within 5 business days from the actual test date.
  • Go to the PTE official website and log in with your username and password.
  • Click ‘sign in’.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the ‘current activity’ link.
  • Then click on the PTE view score report link.
  • Use Adobe Reader to view your PTE score which will be available in PDF format.

What is PTE Passing Score?

PTE scores range from 10-90; however, there is no passing PTE score. Candidates scoring anywhere between 65-75 is considered to be a good PTE score for admission to top universities.
For other universities, a PTE score between 50-63 is widely accepted. These comparisons will give candidates an overview on PTE band scores and conversion of a PTE score to a band of IELTS and TOEFL. This should help you easily understand the equivalent IELTS and TOEFL scores based on the PTE scores.

PTE Band Score Chart:

Here is the PTE band score chart:

PTE Score Chart
PTE Score Description

85 and above

  • Can read and comprehend with ease.
  • Can easily understand spoken English.
  • Can summarize details from various audio sources and written texts.
  • Can express self coherently.
  • Can converse with clarity in complex situations.

Between 76 and 84

  • Can comprehend a range of complex texts with their implicit meaning.
  • Can express themselves without any difficulty.
  • Can communicate effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Between 59 and 75

  • Can comprehend the main concepts of a complex text. 
  • Can communicate with fluency and spontaneity without much difficulty.

Between 51 and 58

  • Can communicate with sufficient command over the language, but makes many errors.
  • Can easily understand standard spoken language.
  • Can share factual information about everyday matters with a certain confidence.
  • Can comprehend most of the details from recorded and broadcast resources.

Between 43 and 50

  • Can comprehend standard language encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
  • Can tackle common situations that might arise in places where the language is spoken.

Between 30 and 42

  • Can comprehend phrases and commonly used expressions that are of relevant topics including personal information, shopping, local geography and employment.
  • Can communicate in simple terms their personal background and immediate environment.

Between 10 and 29

  • Can comprehend basic everyday phrases and expressions.
  • Can introduce himself/herself and pose simple questions to others.
  • Can interact with people.

PTE Score to IELTS :

Candidates aiming to go abroad for academic or professional commitments appear for different exams like IELTS instead of PTE. Hence, it becomes important to know the equivalence of PTE scores to IELTS. Comparing the PTE Score chart with IELTS would provide a clear understanding of the equivalence of the IELTS score with the PTE Score band. Take a look at the table below to evaluate the PTE score band by comparing it to the IELTS score band:

Proficiency Level
89-90 9 EXPERT
83-85 8.5


74-84 8
73-77 7.5


64-72 7
58-63 6.5


50-57 6
42-49 5.5


35-41 5
30-34 4.5 LIMITED

According to the above PTE band score chart, 50-57 band scores in PTE and 6 in IELTS are the same. Similarly, 64-62 band scores in the PTE and 7 in IELTS band score represent the same value. However, to understand the PTE band chart in consideration with global English skills, the following guide can help you in evaluating how the PTE band score list is related to IELTS score list:

PTE vs IELTS Band Score Comparison or PTE score to IELTS

PTE Band Score
86 and above
IELTS Band Score

PTE Score to TOEFL :

Candidates can compare their PTE bands with other scores like TOEFL as well. The table below will give you a detailed comparison between PTE and TOEFL:

Proficiency Level
89-90 118-120 EXPERT
83-85 115-117


74-84 110-114
73-77 102-109


64-72 94-101
58-63 79-93


50-57 60-78
42-49 46-59


35-41 35-45
30-34 32-34 LIMITED

PTE vs TOEFL Band Score Comparison or PTE score to TOEFL

A 50-57 PTE score and 60-78 TOEFL score are the same. Similarly, scoring 64-62 in PTE holds the same value as scoring 94-101 in TOEFL. 
Candidates can take reference from the table below to understand the comparison between the two:
PTE Academic
38 42 46 50 53 59 64 68 72 78 84
40-44 54-56 65-66 74-75 79-80 87-88 94 99-100 105 113 120

Although there is no passing PTE band score, top colleges and universities have a preference for an average 65-75 PTE score. In fact, few colleges and universities also consider a 50-63 PTE score as acceptable. 

PTE Score Chart

The PTE score is machine-scored. The scoring is of two types: 

  • Partial Credit
  • Correct or Incorrect

Partial Credit:

Partial credit is marked for all right answers. For all wrong answers, points will be deducted from the points earned for the right answers. No marks are awarded for the wrong answers.

Correct or Incorrect:

The candidate will be awarded one point for each correct response. No points will be awarded for an incorrect answer.

How PTE Overall Score Chart is Calculated?

The overall score will be calculated based on the candidate's performance in all the sections. The PTE score calculators take the sum and average for the overall score. The two important contributors to the PTE score are
  •   Communicative Skills 
  •   Enabling Scores.

PTE Communicative Skills Score:

The score for this category consists of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The score range for the skill is between 10 and 90 points.

PTE Enabling Skills Score:

These skills include grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency and written discourse. The score of enabling skill ranges between 10 and 90 points.

For the overall PTE score, all scores under Enabling Skills are added and the total is divided by 6. The average of this is added along with the four communicative skills scores. The average of these 5 parts together is taken as the overall PTE score.

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PTE Score Chart for Speaking and Writing Section:

PTE Scoring System

Read Aloud

Partial credit

Repeat Sentence

Partial credit

Describe image

Partial credit

Re-tell lecture

Partial credit

Answer Short Questions

Correct/ Incorrect

Summarize Written Text

Partial credit

Writing Essay

Partial credit

PTE Score Chart for Reading Section:

PTE Scoring System

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer

Correct/ Incorrect

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Partial credit for each correct response. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen

Re-order paragraphs

Partial credit for each correctly ordered, adjacent pair

Reading: Fill in the blanks

Partial credit for each correctly completed blank

Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks

Partial credit for each correctly completed blank

PTE Score Chart for Listening Section:

PTE Scoring System

Summarize spoken text

Partial credit

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Partial credit for each correct response. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen

Fill in the blanks

Partial credit for each correct word spelled correctly

Highlight correct summary

Correct/ Incorrect

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer

Correct/ Incorrect

Select missing word

Correct/ incorrect

Highlight incorrect words

Partial credit for each word. Points deducted for incorrect options chosen

Write from dictation

Partial credit for each word spelled correctly


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