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PTE Score Chart




85 and above

  • Can read and comprehend with ease.

  • Can easily understand spoken English.

  • Can summarize details from various audio sources and written texts.

  • Can express self coherently.

  • Can converse with clarity in complex situations.

Between 76 and 84

  • Can comprehend a range of complex texts with their implicit meaning.

  • Can express themselves without any difficulty.

  • Can communicate effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Between 59 and 75

  • Can comprehend the main concepts of a complex text. 

  • Can communicate with fluency and spontaneity without much difficulty.

Between 51 and 58

  • Can communicate with sufficient command over the language, but makes many errors.

  • Can easily understand standard spoken language.

  • Can share factual information about everyday matters with a certain confidence.

  • Can comprehend most of the details from recorded and broadcast resources.

Between 43 and 50

  • Can comprehend standard language encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

  • Can tackle common situations that might arise in places where the language is spoken.

Between 30 and 42

  • Can comprehend phrases and commonly used expressions that are of relevant topics including personal information, shopping, local geography and employment.

  • Can communicate in simple terms their personal background and immediate environment.

Between 10 and 29

  • Can comprehend basic everyday phrases and expressions.

  • Can introduce himself/herself and pose simple questions to others.

  • Can interact with people.

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