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Australia Student Visa Requirements | Documents Checklist & more


Understanding the Australia Student Visa Requirements is crucial for students aspiring to study in this vibrant country. This blog post delves into the essential criteria, from financial proof to language proficiency, ensuring you're fully prepared for your application. By the end of this read, you'll have a clear roadmap of the Australia Student Visa requirements, empowering you with the knowledge to confidently approach your visa application process. 

Educational Criteria for the Australia Student Visa

Understanding the educational criteria is fundamental to your Australian student visa application. Here's what you need to know:

Recognized Qualifications:

  • Your current educational qualifications must be recognized by the Australian education system.
  • Typically, this includes a high school diploma, bachelor's degree, or equivalent from your home country.

Proof of Enrollment:

  • You must provide evidence of enrollment in an approved course or program in Australia.
  • This is usually in the form of a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by the Australian educational institution.

Course Requirements:

  • The course you enroll in must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • It should be a full-time course, meeting the Australian study requirements.

Financial Requirements for the Australia Student Visa

Securing an Australian student visa requires more than academic readiness; it demands financial preparedness. Understanding and meeting the financial criteria is crucial to demonstrate your ability to support yourself during your studies in Australia. Here's what you need to know:

Evidence of Sufficient Funds:

  • Applicants must show they have enough money to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs for the duration of their stay.
  • This can include personal bank statements, a loan approval document, or financial aid notifications.

Financial Sponsorship:

  • If you're being sponsored, you need to provide evidence of your sponsor's financial ability.
  • This includes bank statements or financial documents of the sponsor, showing their capacity to support your expenses.

Cost of Living Considerations:

  • Factor in the cost of living in Australia, which varies depending on the city and lifestyle.
  • Typical expenses include accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, and entertainment.
  • As per Australian immigration guidelines, you should have access to at least AUD 21,041 per year to cover living costs.

English Language Proficiency for the Australia Student Visa

For non-native English speakers aiming to study in Australia, demonstrating English language proficiency is a key requirement. Here's what you need to know:

Accepted Tests:

Minimum Score Requirements:

  • Specific score requirements can vary based on the institution and the level of study.
  • Higher-level courses or certain professions may demand higher proficiency scores.


  • Applicants from certain English-speaking countries may be exempted.
  • Previous education in English or extensive professional experience in an English-speaking environment can also lead to exemptions.

Health and Character Requirements for the Australia Student Visa

Meeting health and character standards is crucial for the Australian student visa. Here are the essentials:

Medical Examinations:

  • Required to ensure you meet the health standards set by the Australian government.
  • May include general health check-ups, radiological tests, and specific screenings based on your country of origin or residence.

Police Clearance Certificates:

  • Necessary to prove you have a clean criminal record.
  • Required from every country you've lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten years.

Character Declarations:

  • Declarations or statements affirming your good character.
  • May include references or testimonials from professionals or community leaders.

Insurance Requirements for the Australia Student Visa

Securing appropriate health insurance is a non-negotiable requirement for international students in Australia. Here's what you need to consider:

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC):

  • Mandatory for all international students, OSHC covers potential medical and hospital expenses.
  • Must be maintained for the entire duration of your student visa.

Coverage Details:

  • OSHC typically covers visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance cover, and limited pharmaceuticals.
  • It does not cover dental, optical, or physiotherapy; additional insurance might be needed for these.

How to Obtain OSHC:

  • Can be arranged through your educational institution or directly with a health insurance provider.
  • Ensure the policy starts as soon as you arrive in Australia.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Criterion

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criterion is a fundamental aspect of the Australian student visa application, designed to assess the applicant's intent. Here's what it involves:

Demonstrating the Intention to Return:

  • Provide a clear explanation of your plans post-study, showing your intent to return to your home country.
  • Include any ties to your home country, such as family, employment, or property, which indicate your return.

Ties to Home Country:

  • Evidence of significant connections to your home country strengthens your GTE claim.
  • This can include family relationships, ongoing education, or a stable career.

Future Plans:

  • Outline your long-term plans and how studying in Australia aligns with these goals.
  • Explain how education in Australia will benefit your career and personal growth in your home country.

Visa Subclass and Type

Understanding the various visa subclasses and types is crucial for prospective students. Here are the key ones:

Subclass 500 (Student Visa):

  • The primary visa for international students undertaking full-time study in a recognized course in Australia.
  • Allows you to stay in Australia for the duration of your course plus additional time post-study.

Training Visas:

  • For those looking to improve their skills in a professional setting through workplace-based training.

Post-Study Work Visas:

  • These visas allow graduates of Australian institutions to remain in Australia and work after completing their studies.
  • Often linked to the type of qualification and the duration of the study completed in Australia.

Additional Requirements for Specific Students

Certain student groups may face additional requirements:

Underage Students:

  • Must have adequate welfare arrangements in place for the duration of their stay in Australia.
  • This includes accommodation, support, and general welfare.

Students with Dependents:

  • Need to demonstrate additional financial capacity to support dependents.
  • Must arrange for health insurance for all dependents accompanying them.

Country-Specific Requirements:

  • Some countries may have specific requirements or additional documentation needed for the visa application.

Documentation Checklist for the Australia Student Visa

A comprehensive checklist ensures you have all necessary documents ready for your visa application:

Academic Records: Copies of your academic transcripts, certificates, and qualifications.

Financial Proofs: Evidence of sufficient funds, such as bank statements, scholarship awards, or financial sponsor documents.

Health Insurance: Proof of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your stay.

English Proficiency Evidence: Test results from IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other accepted English language tests.

Navigating the Australia Student Visa Requirements can be a complex journey, filled with various criteria that need careful attention. From meeting the GTE criterion to ensuring you have the right financial proof and health insurance, each step is crucial in paving your way to a successful visa application. For students in Nepal, this journey can be made smoother with the expertise of AECC, a leading study-abroad consultant. 

AECC specializes in guiding Nepalese students through the intricate process of fulfilling these requirements, offering personalized assistance to ensure that your dream of studying in Australia is realized with confidence and ease.

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