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Cost of living in the UK for international students

Understanding the cost of living in the UK is crucial for international students, especially those coming from Nepal, as it significantly impacts their academic journey. The UK is renowned for its prestigious universities and also presents a diverse range of living expenses. For Nepalese students, comprehending these costs, which include housing and basic necessities, is an essential part of their preparation for studying abroad. This concise guide aims to shed light on the different aspects of living in the UK, covering housing, food, transportation, and other essential expenses. By providing up-to-date and accurate information, our objective is to assist students from Nepal and other countries in effectively planning their finances during their stay in the UK, thus ensuring a smooth and stress-free academic experience.

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Accommodation Costs in the UK for Nepalese Students:

It is crucial for Nepalese students who are considering studying and residing in the United Kingdom to have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with living there, especially the fluctuating costs of accommodation.

Accommodation Type

Estimated Cost (GBP)

University Dormitories

GBP 500-GBP 800

Private Rentals

GBP 700-GBP 1,200

Shared Apartments

GBP 400-GBP 700

Private Student Halls

GBP 600-GBP 900

Shared Houses/Flats

GBP 350-GBP 650

Homestay/Family Stay

GBP 450-GBP 750

Short-term Rentals

GBP 800-GBP 1,500

Nepalese students need to consider accommodation costs when estimating living expenses in the UK. It should be noted that the prices may vary depending on the city and specific area within the country. 

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Food and Groceries Cost in the UK for Nepalese Students:

It is crucial for Nepalese students in the UK to have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with food and groceries. To assist them in budgeting and maintaining a healthy diet, a comprehensive guide has been compiled. This guide includes 30 essential items that reflect Nepalese dietary preferences, along with their prices in Pounds. It serves as an indispensable resource, aligning with the 'cost of living in the UK for Nepalese students'.

Food/Grocery Item


Food/Grocery Item


Basmati Rice (1 kg)

GBP 1.50

Oranges (1 kg)

GBP 1.20

Whole Wheat Flour (1 kg)

GBP 0.80

Grapes (500g)

GBP 1.50

Fresh Chicken (1 kg)

GBP 3.50

Chicken Curry Paste (250g)

GBP 1.50

Milk (1 liter)

GBP 0.90

Coconut Milk (400ml)

GBP 1.00

Eggs (12)

GBP 1.20

Chapati (Pack of 10)

GBP 1.20

Fresh Vegetables (1 kg)

GBP 1.00 - GBP 2.00

Ghee (500g)

GBP 3.50

Lentils (1 kg)

GBP 1.50 

Paneer (200g)

GBP 1.50

Spices (100g)

GBP 0.70

Dosa Batter (1 kg)

GBP 1.50

Yoghurt (500g)

GBP 1.00

Tea (250g)

GBP 2.00

Cheese (250g)

GBP 2.00

Coffee (200g)

GBP 2.50

Tomatoes (1 kg)

GBP 1.20

Sugar (1 kg)

GBP 0.80

Onions (1 kg)

GBP 0.70

Biscuits (Pack)

GBP 1.00

Potatoes (1 kg)

GBP 0.80 

Instant Noodles (Pack)

GBP 0.50

Bananas (1 kg)

GBP 0.70

Cooking Oil (1 liter)

GBP 1.20

Apples (1 kg)

GBP 1.50

Bottled Water (1 liter)

GBP 0.50

Transportation Cost in the UK:

It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of transportation expenses in the UK, especially for Nepalese students studying abroad, as it directly impacts their overall living costs. This section provides a concise overview of the various transportation options available in the UK, tailored to meet the needs and preferences of international students.

Transportation Type

Estimated Cost (GBP)


GBP 2 - GBP 4


GBP 5 - GBP 50


GBP 10 - GBP 30

Bicycle Hire

GBP 1 - GBP 5 


GBP 2.40 - GBP 5


GBP 2 - GBP 6


GBP 5 - GBP 20

Car Hire

GBP 20 - GBP 100

Personal Care Cost in the UK:

Understanding the cost of personal care in the UK is crucial for international students, particularly those from Nepal, as it directly impacts their overall living expenses. This section provides a concise overview of the prices associated with essential personal care items, presented in a format tailored to meet the needs and preferences of students. 

Personal Care Item

Estimated Cost (GBP)


GBP 3 - GBP 5 


GBP 3 - GBP 5 


GBP 1 - GBP 3 

Soap/Body Wash

GBP 1 - GBP 4 


GBP 2 - GBP 4 

Skincare Products

GBP 5 - GBP 20


GBP 10 - GBP 30

Sanitary Products

GBP 2 - GBP 5

Over-the-Counter Meds

GBP 3 - GBP 10

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Health Care Cost in the UK:

Health Care Type


Visit to a General Practitioner

GBP 45 - GBP 70

Dental Check-up

GBP 20 - GBP 60

Prescription Medication

GBP 9.35 per item

Eye Test

GBP 20 - GBP 50 

Consultation with a Specialist

GBP 70 - GBP 200 

Emergency Treatment

Free at the point of use*

Other Costs in the UK:




GBP 50 - GBP 80


GBP 40 - GBP 70


GBP 30 - GBP 50


GBP 20 - GBP 40

Mobile Phone Plan

GBP 10 - GBP 30 

Cable/Satellite TV

GBP 20 - GBP 50

Council Tax

GBP 100 - GBP 200

Waste Collection

This cost is included in the Council Tax

Home Insurance

GBP 10 - GBP 30

Entertainment and Leisure Costs in the UK:

Understanding the expenses related to popular entertainment and leisure activities in the UK is essential for international students, particularly those from Nepal, in order to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. This segment offers a brief overview of the costs associated with various entertainment and leisure options, enabling students to effectively manage their living expenses.

Entertainment/Leisure Activity


Cinema Ticket

GBP 10 - GBP 15

Theatre Show

GBP 20 - GBP 100

Concert Ticket

GBP 30 - GBP 150

Museum Entry

Free - GBP 20 

Gym Membership

GBP 20 - GBP 50

Dining Out

GBP 10 - GBP 50

Club Entry

GBP 5 - GBP 20 

Cheapest Cities to Live in the UK for International Students:

Finding affordable living options in the UK is crucial for balancing the cost of living with quality education and life experiences, which might be challenging. This section highlights the cheapest cities in the UK, offering a blend of affordability and student-friendly amenities

  • Sheffield - Known for its vibrant student community and reasonable living costs.
  • Liverpool - Offers a rich cultural scene with relatively low rent prices.
  • Newcastle - Renowned for its nightlife and affordable accommodation.
  • Leeds - A popular student city with budget-friendly living options.
  • Birmingham - Boasts a diverse community and competitive housing prices.
  • Nottingham - Home to several universities and cost-effective living.
  • Cardiff - Offers a lower cost of living with a friendly atmosphere.
  • Glasgow - Known for its cultural heritage and economical living expenses.
  • Manchester - A hub for students with reasonable rent and living costs.
  • Coventry - Offers a balance of affordable living and educational excellence.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Living in the UK for Students:

For students coming to the UK, especially from Nepal, grasping the various elements that influence living costs is essential for financial planning and management. The cost of living for students in the UK is subject to a range of factors, each playing a crucial role in shaping their overall budget.

  • Location: Urban centres like London are pricier compared to smaller towns.
  • Accommodation Type: Options range from shared flats to private studios.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Frequency of dining out and leisure activities can sway expenses.
  • Transportation: Opting for public transport, bikes, or cars affects travel costs.
  • Educational Expenses: Tuition, textbooks, and other academic materials are key expenses.
  • Healthcare: Basic NHS coverage is supplemented by potential private insurance costs.
  • Utilities and Bills: Monthly outgoings for electricity, water, and internet.
  • Groceries and Food: Dietary habits and shopping preferences impact food budgets.
  • Personal Care: Spending on clothing and grooming varies among individuals.
  • Emergency Funds: Unforeseen expenses can significantly affect financial planning.

For Nepalese students in the UK, managing finances wisely is key to a comfortable and stress-free educational experience. Adapting to the cost of living in the UK requires smart budgeting strategies. Here are some practical tips to help Nepalese students save money and manage their living expenses effectively.

  • Create a Monthly Budget: Track your income and expenses to avoid overspending.
  • Opt for Shared Accommodation: Reduce rent costs by sharing housing with peers.
  • Use Student Discounts: Take advantage of student discounts available in transport, retail, and entertainment.
  • Cook at Home: Minimise eating out to save on food expenses.
  • Plan Grocery Shopping: Buy in bulk and look for deals in local markets.
  • Use Public Transport: Get a student travel card for cheaper fares.
  • Buy Second-hand Books: Utilise university libraries or buy used textbooks.
  • Limit International Calls: Use free communication apps to stay in touch with family.
  • Monitor Utility Usage: Be mindful of energy consumption to reduce bills.
  • Set Aside Emergency Funds: Save a small amount regularly for unforeseen expenses.

If you are a Nepalese student considering studying in the UK, it is important to be aware of the cost of living and how to effectively manage it. By understanding and planning for expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, and leisure activities, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable study experience in the UK. Remember, careful budgeting and making smart spending choices can greatly impact your overall financial well-being while studying abroad.

If you are seeking expert guidance for studying in the UK, AECC is here to assist you. With our comprehensive support and resources, we can make your journey to studying in the UK smoother and more manageable. From helping you choose the right university to providing personalized assistance in budgeting for your living expenses, AECC is dedicated to ensuring your educational adventure in the UK is confident and stress-free. Contact AECC today to begin your educational journey in the UK with confidence and ease!

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