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Why not choose New Zealand as your Study Abroad destination?


Often when people think of studying abroad, Australia, UK, US and Canada are the study destinations that immediately come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Let us provide you with some solid reasons why New Zealand may be a great alternative for pursuing your higher studies. Did you know that when it comes to educational institutions, there ...

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5 Reasons why international students in New Zealand cherish their study abroad experience

Reason to study in new zealand

Are you a student aspiring to study abroad but struggling to pick a destination considering the pandemic? Well then, ever considered studying in New Zealand? If not, here is a destination worth looking into! Having been the home to over 4 million people, New Zealand is renowned for its quality education, rugby team, picturesque landscapes and indig...

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Cost of Living in New Zealand for Students in 2024


New Zealand has become a popular choice for students worldwide, particularly those from Nepal, due to its stunning landscapes and excellent education system. Understanding the financial aspects of studying and living in this picturesque country is essential for anyone considering an academic journey here. This blog aims to shed light on the differe...

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Intakes in New Zealand 2024: Timeline, Courses, Universities


If you are planning to Study in New Zealand, you should gather every piece of information possible on the requirements to Study abroad in general and to study in New Zealand from Nepal in particular. Among all these, one of the primary information you need is regarding the intakes. It is only after you finalise your intake that you can start prepar...

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Top pharmacy courses in New Zealand


Being a pharmacist is akin to being a detective in a crime thriller. Just like a detective takes a look at the crime scene, gets to know the background of the victims, puts the pieces together and solves the case, a pharmacist gets a basic history, medication history, blood tests and other details to see how a healthcare plan would fit. Once the pl...

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