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September/Fall Intake in the USA 2024-25

Fall intake in USA

Are you wondering why Fall Intakes in the USA are such a sought-after period for students worldwide? Each year, thousands of international students start on their educational journey, choosing the autumn season to start their academic life in the United States. This period is not just about the vibrant fall colours or the start of a new academic year; it's about new opportunities, diverse cultural experiences, and a pathway to achieving your dreams.

In this blog, we'll delve into the essential aspects of the Fall Intake in the USA – from application deadlines to the benefits of starting your studies this season. By the end of this blog, you'll have a clear understanding of why the Fall Intake could be your golden ticket to an enriching educational experience. Get ready to learn valuable insights that will guide you through your journey of Studying in the USA this fall!

What is Fall Intake in the USA?

The USA is a very popular place to study because of its world-class universities, cutting-edge research centres, and flexible study options. Every year, thousands of applicants from around the world apply to US universities because of their reputation for excellence in research and education. The most popular admission intake in the USA is the autumn/fall intake, sometimes referred to as the September intake, which offers a large selection of courses for funding, scholarships, and internship purposes. 

Intake in USA


Applications Open

September Intake/Fall Intake

September - December

November - May

January Intake/Spring Intake

January - April

July - December

May Intake/Summer Intake

May - August

January - March

International students who wish to pursue a master's degree in the United States should consider enrolling in the autumn semester. In the United States, the autumn intake lasts from August through December. The dates for US universities to accept applications for the autumn 2024 intake are currently being announced. Because of the large number of applicants, getting into a university in the United States for the autumn semester can be extremely difficult.  

Overview of Timeline for Fall Intake in the USA 2024:



April-July 2023: University Exploration

Begin your journey by exploring and shortlisting universities in the US that align with your academic goals.

May-September 2023: Standardized Test Preparation

Prepare for and take necessary standardized tests like IELTSTOEFL, ACT, SATGMAT, and GRE, based on the requirements of your chosen universities.

November 2023-July 2024: University Applications

Start the application process for the universities you've chosen and ensure all required documents are submitted.

January-July 2024: Offer Letter Response

Await offer letters from universities and respond within the given timeframe upon receipt.

April-July 2024: Scholarship and Visa Applications

Apply for scholarships and begin the student visa application process.

August 2024: Departure Preparations

Finalize your travel plans, book your flight, and prepare for your educational adventure in the US.

Benefits of choosing the Fall intake in the USA:

Academic Synchronization: It's like the universe aligning perfectly, where your academic journey seamlessly meshes with the global academic rhythm.

Diverse Program Options: Imagine standing in a hall of endless doors, each leading to different realms of knowledge and opportunity.

Enhanced Internship Opportunities: It's your golden ticket to the world of work, where internships and job fairs open gates to future careers.

Vibrant Campus Life: Think of the most colourful festival you've ever seen - that's the campus life in Fall, buzzing with energy and diversity.

Comprehensive Support Services: From day one, you're embraced with a network of support, guiding you through every step of your academic journey.

Networking Opportunities: It's like a global meet-and-greet, where every handshake is a new connection, a new possibility.

Research and Project Involvement: Dive into a sea of innovation, where your ideas can take flight in research projects and academic initiatives.

Cultural Events and Activities: Your calendar will be as full as your heart, with cultural and social events that paint your university experience in vibrant colours. 


Action Steps


18 Months Prior

Explore Universities

Like a treasure hunter, start your quest by exploring universities and the treasures they hold in their programs.

12-15 Months Prior

Gather Documents and Test Scores

Gather your tools - documents, test scores, like an artist preparing their palette.

1 Year Prior

Submit Applications

Send your applications off like ships setting sail, ideally between the whispers of late November and the first frost of December.

Early Application Benefits

Increase Acceptance Chances

Be the early bird that catches the worm, increasing your chances of acceptance and those coveted scholarships.

6-8 Months Prior

Secure Your Visa

Secure your visa, like getting the key to a long-awaited kingdom, and plan your journey to this new land.

Continuous Monitoring

Watch Your Application

Keep an eye on your application as if it's a precious seed you've planted, waiting to see it sprout.

Deadlines for Fall Intake in the USA:

There are two types of deadlines: priority and regular. Applying by the priority deadline gives you more time to assess the outcome and, if necessary, consider applying to other universities. To learn about the US fall intake deadlines, see the table below. 

Application Type

Deadline for Submission

Notification of Decision

Early Action

November 2023

December 2023

Early Decision

November 2023

December 1, 2023

Regular Decision

January/February 2024

March/April 2024

Rolling Admission

Flexible, Varies

Typically within 4-6 weeks of submission

These deadlines are subject to change, and it is essential to double-check the specific deadlines for each university you are interested in 

Required Documents to Apply for the Fall Intake in the USA:

Academic Transcripts: These are your academic storybooks, narrating your journey through previous schools or colleges.

Standardized Test Scores: Think of these as your academic passports, like SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT scores, showcasing your readiness for the program.

English Proficiency Test Scores: Your TOEFL or IELTS scores are like your linguistic passports, especially if English isn't your first language.

Statement of Purpose (SOP): This is your personal narrative, a heartfelt essay that shares your academic dreams and aspirations.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs): These are endorsements from those who know your academic or professional saga best.

Resume/CV: This document is your personal billboard, highlighting your academic achievements, work experiences, and extracurricular adventures.

Passport Copy: Your gateway to the world, essential for international travel and visa applications.

Financial Documents: These papers are like financial assurances, showing you can support your educational journey in the US.

Application Forms: Your formal introduction to your chosen universities, filled with your personal tales and academic records.

Additional Documents: Sometimes, universities ask for more chapters of your story, like portfolios or research proposals. 

How to Apply to Fall Intake in the USA?

  • Begin your journey to discover universities that align with your academic aspirations.
  • Collect your academic treasures - transcripts, test scores, and financial proofs.
  • Step into the testing arenas like SAT or GRE well in advance, armed with knowledge and preparation.
  • Craft a Statement of Purpose that's a window to your soul and aspirations.
  • Fill in the application forms as if you're painting your future with words.
  • Send off your applications, like ships embarking on a grand voyage.
  • Keep a watchful eye for any signals from the universities regarding your application.
  • Prepare to step into the spotlight for interviews, showcasing your true self.
  • Upon acceptance, navigate through the student visa labyrinth.
  • Chart out your journey to the US, mapping out living arrangements and travel plans.

Tips for Students Applying to Fall Intakes in the USA:

  • Start your application odyssey early, steering clear of the whirlwinds of last-minute panic.
  • Keep a captain's log of all deadlines and requirements for each university on your list.
  • Pour your heart and soul into your Statement of Purpose, making it a reflection of your dreams.
  • Seek wisdom and feedback on your SOP and essays from mentors or peers.
  • Dedicate yourself to preparing for standardized tests, like a knight honing their skills for battle.
  • Look out for scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  • Delve into the mysteries of the student visa process, arming yourself with all the necessary documents.
  • Reach out to current students in the US, gathering pearls of wisdom and practical advice.
  • Regularly check your communication channels for updates from universities.
  • Cast a wide net by applying to a diverse range of universities, from dream castles to safe harbors.

In conclusion, navigating the Fall Intake process in the USA can be a thrilling yet complex journey. From understanding the timeline for applications to preparing essential documents and acing standardized tests, each step is crucial in securing your place in a US university. Remember, early preparation and staying informed are key to a successful application. With the right approach and guidance, the Fall Intake can open doors to a world-class education, diverse cultural experiences, and a bright future. 

 AECC is here to help you every step of the way. Don't miss this opportunity to turn your academic dreams into reality. Fill out the enquiry form now and let AECC guide you towards a successful Fall Intake experience in the USA!

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