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Top PTE Accepted Universities in USA in 2024

PTE Accepted Universities in USA

Diving into the realm of higher education in the USA? Knowing which universities accept PTE scores can be a game-changer. This blog post shines a light on PTE Accepted Universities in the USA, offering a comprehensive overview for students who have taken the Pearson Test of English. From coast to coast, we cover institutions that open doors to a world-class education, guided by your PTE achievements. Prepare to discover the perfect university that aligns with your academic goals and PTE scores in the vibrant educational landscape of the USA.

What are the Top PTE Accepted Universities in the USA?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is widely recognized by universities in the USA as a measure of English language proficiency. This section explores some of the top universities in the USA that accept PTE scores for admission. The information is presented in a concise paragraph followed by a table for easy reference. 


PTE Score Required

Popular Courses

University of California, Berkeley


Business, Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Computer Science, Engineering

Stanford University


Business, Law

Harvard University


Business, Medicine

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


Physics, Engineering

University of Chicago


Economics, Social Sciences

Yale University


Law, Arts & Humanities

Princeton University


Mathematics, Public Affairs

PTE Score List

PTE scores differ between nations and universities, so it's important for applicants to become aware of the precise requirements for their desired educational institutions. Students can increase their chances of admission by concentrating their efforts on achieving the required PTE score for a specific university by being aware of it. To make sure that other admission requirements are being met, it is equally important to review the eligibility requirements established by each university.

A list of well-known universities, their courses, and the corresponding minimum PTE scores can be found below. 

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PTE Accepted Universities in the USA for Undergraduate Courses

For students aspiring to pursue undergraduate studies in the USA, here's a list of universities that accept PTE scores, along with their top undergraduate programs and the minimum PTE scores required. 

University Name

Top Undergraduate Programs

PTE Minimum Score

University of California, Berkeley

Engineering, Business, Sociology


University of Michigan

Engineering, Business, Psychology


New York University

Business, Arts, Media


University of Texas at Austin

Engineering, Business, Computer Science


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Computer Science, Biology, History


University of Washington

Computer Science, Business, Biology


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Engineering, Business, Agriculture


Boston University

Business, Communication, Engineering


PTE Accepted Universities in the USA for Postgraduate Courses

For those looking to pursue postgraduate studies, the following universities not only offer excellent programs but also accept PTE scores. Here's a list of these institutions along with their popular postgraduate programs and the required PTE scores. 

University Name

Top Postgraduate Programs

PTE Minimum Score

Columbia University

Business, Journalism, Law


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Engineering, Film & Television, Medicine


University of Southern California

Engineering, Business, Cinematic Arts


Duke University

Business, Law, Medicine


Northwestern University

Journalism, Law, Business


University of Florida

Business, Engineering, Law


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Public Health, Business, Journalism


Georgetown University

Law, International Relations, Business


                          PTE to IELTS Conversion                                                    PTE v/s IELTS

Navigating the landscape of PTE-accepted universities in the USA can be a complex task, especially for Nepalese students aspiring to study abroad. AECC, a leading study abroad consultancy, plays a crucial role in simplifying this process. With their expertise, AECC assists students in understanding the PTE requirements of various universities and guides them in selecting the right institution that aligns with their academic goals and PTE scores. Whether it's undergraduate or postgraduate courses, AECC's personalized counseling ensures that Nepalese students find the best fit for their educational journey in the USA. Reach out to AECC today to begin your path to academic success in the United States. 

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