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Why not choose New Zealand as your Study Abroad destination?


Often when people think of studying abroad, Australia, UK, US and Canada are the study destinations that immediately come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Let us provide you with some solid reasons why New Zealand may be a great alternative for pursuing your higher studies.

Did you know that when it comes to educational institutions, there are 8 top-notch universities in New Zealand you cannot ignore?

Be it in quality or service consistency, all 8 of them are a part of the world's top 450 universities rankings! The significant difference between the other study destinations and New Zealand is that it doesn't have a vast number of universities, but demands each of its universities to cultivate its teaching and research strengths to provide quality education for international students. 

When it comes to choosing the right business school (in terms of brand, employer and teaching recognition), many students opt for either a US or UK business school.

But, why not one in New Zealand?
In New Zealand, 4 out of 8 universities such as the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Canterbury and the University of Waikato have achieved the renowned Triple Crown business school standards. Ideally, that is way beyond the ratio of any other study destination.

What Courses are they Specialised in?

The job demands will surge in the next decade, and many of the NZ universities are specialized to offer courses that meet the demand in fields such as the following:

  • Health Science
  • IT
  • Cyber Security
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Here are a few universities that you should keep an eye on.

1. The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland has the largest and fastest wind tunnel in New Zealand (Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel), designed for experimental investigations of the aerodynamics of a wide range of objects such as buildings, towers, wings, and roofs.
When it comes to their educational excellence, the university ranks amongst the top 30 universities in the world (#27 - QS Subject Rankings, 2020). Apart from being specialized for engineering courses, this university also has expertise in offering high-quality Health Sciences courses to international students.

2. Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington is located in the hub of the major design studio- WETA digital, which handles the visual effects for big scale movie productions like Avengers: Endgame, where the whole world went all "I LOVE YOU 3000!"

So, what's unique about this university?
The VUW is not just a Triple Crown status Business School, but also one of the best universities to offer Law, Psychology and design courses to international students.

3. Lincoln University

Well-known for its capstone program like architectural and landscape architecture programs, Lincoln University owns 10 farms in the South Island of NZ.
Did you know?
The university offers unique courses in domains such as Agribusiness & Commerce, Agriculture & science, and Environment & Society, which are available only in a few universities across the world. Also, it is the only partner member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) in Oceania.
When you listen to a New Zealand professor, you will realise what they desire the most for their students, is for them to succeed in their life and also to have the most memorable time of their educational journey at their institution.
So, it is not surprising that many of the teaching and administration staff continue to work for a university for a long period of time. Their knowledge and ability to deliver their expertise to students year after year, shows them as the most loyal and dedicated to their professions.

What You and Your Parents Must Know.

Often, parents and students consider overseas education to be an expensive affair. It comes as a relief, that in the case of New Zealand the fees are reasonable. Studying here would be a wise investment to make when compared to the other study destinations.

The approximate cost of the Course at Universities are:

  • For Undergraduate – $18000 to $25000
  • For Post Graduate – $25,000 to $40000

The living expenses in New Zealand are cheaper than most study abroad destinations. i.e.) the cost of living comes around NZ $ 12,000 and NZ $ 15,000 per annum. This is because of the availability of fresh food, accommodation options and transport facilities at affordable costs in the country.
In addition to that, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week, and for unlimited hours during the holidays to supplement your income.
The following are the other extra benefits of studying in New Zealand.

  • You are eligible to receive a 3 years Post-Study Work Visa on successful completion of Bachelors and Post Graduate programs in New Zealand.
  • You are eligible to receive a 2 years Post-Study Work Visa on successful completion of 2-year Diploma and Graduate Diploma programs in New Zealand.
  • For selected courses, your spouse can travel with you on a work permit.

Relationship between Nepal and New Zealand Government

Under the New Zealand Development Scholarship scheme, every year the government offers 4 scholarships for Nepali students to pursue their post-graduation studies.
Also, in the past, under the Head of Mission Fund (HOMF), the New Zealand Government has funded Nepal in 2016, to provide technical aid on geodetic data to assist and develop a particular coordinate system that is free from the distortions caused by the earthquake in 2015.

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