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Why not study Engineering courses in Australia?

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Blog Summary A critical perspective on potential reservations students might have about engineering studies in Australia, countered with the country's academic strengths and global recognition.
Why not study Engineering courses in Australia?

Sydney is well known for its Opera House, blue beaches, and it’s rich and exotic wildlife. But, did you know that the vibrant city of Sydney is also home to some of the best universities in the country?

But what makes the destination uber cool for international students? Whether you want to delve into outer activities or explore urban landscapes, your countless weekend escapades in Sydney will allow you to cherish your study abroad moments forever.

Keen to know about the student-friendly universities in Sydney? Here you go!

1. Macquarie University

Founded in 1964, Macquarie is the 3rd university to be established in the city’s metropolitan area. The institution boasts of its diversity welcoming international students from over 100 countries each year and offers subjects in every academic discipline.

Although the institution is nestled in the northwest suburbs, Macquarie University’s main campus offers a great environment similar to a college town. The campus’ amenities are active, inclusive, and open to over 280+ acres of lush green campus grounds with fantastic facilities such as the automated library and wifi connectivity (throughout the campus) available to international and local students at Macquarie University.

Macquarie University runs a one of its kind University Hospital, the only non-profit private teaching hospital on the Australian university campus. This typically allows medical students of Macquarie University to perform practical activities within the campus.

2. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Established in 1988, UTS began with a single focus to offer technology courses but has grown to provide courses across business, natural sciences, communication, arts, social sciences, and design to international students worldwide. Did you know? UTS has been recognised as a young university amongst the top 10 youngest universities in the world! That’s fantastic news, isn’t it?

University of Technology Sydney’s research centres and academic courses are known for their teaching excellence and profound industry associations. UTS also ranked amongst the top 50 universities in the QS Rankings in art and design, law sports-related subjects, and nursing.

The UTS main campus is the epitome of an urban and a modern university outfitted with academic facilities and state-of-the-art technology. With easy access to trendy cafes, shops, and adventure activities, UTS offers a unique experience amongst other universities in Sydney with a real Aussie vibe.

3. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

If you want to study between the east coast beaches and close to the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District), UNSW is the ideal spot for you!

Having continually been a part of Australia’s top universities list and a member of GO8, UNSW is revered for its research excellence and academic facilities in media, business, engineering & natural sciences.

UNSW has a vibrant campus with top-notch on-campus facilities such as an aquatics center, fitness center, and a few sports grounds. These amenities are a part of practical academic sessions for sports-related and natural sciences courses.

And guess what? Apart from educational facilities, over 250+ societies and clubs on-campus provide international students with plenty of options to engage with students of diverse cultures. UNSW is also the best place for international students to access Coogee Beach, which is less than a 20-minute ride from the campus.

4. University of Sydney

University of Sydney is one of the oldest and iconic universities in Australia. The institution flaunts its contemporary Victorian architecture and serves as a visual treat for students enrolling in an architectural course. Right from walking on lush open green spaces, to enjoying sitting by the on-campus lake, University of Sydney is a haven for international students to study and reside peacefully in the university accommodation.

The University’s cutting edge research facilities and range of courses across domains, helps international students choose a course of their choice conveniently. Additionally, students studying at University of Sydney have easy access to trendy cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers and experience a unique lifestyle.

With a unique application-oriented course structure, students can attain a versatile academic experience for one of the semesters. Interesting right? No wonder the University of Sydney is considered one of the best in the country!

5. Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is a world-class public-funded university, that welcomes staff and students from over 150 countries. The University offers a rich cultural diversity and an enriched learning environment for international students.

Research institutes at ACU make a positive impact worldwide across communities and industries, and people from all walks of life. Education, Philosophy, and Health are ACU’s prime research priorities and are found for people’s welfare.

ACU provides international students with diverse courses across disciplines such as Business, Creative Arts, IT, Law, Psychology, and Nursing. International students pursuing health and allied courses can benefit from Health Research Centres at ACU, where researchers can address prominent health issues and respond to them with innovative solutions to transform people’s lives.

ACU also collaborates with national and international partners to examine stroke recovery, brain health and reduce the effects of chronic metabolic diseases, cancer, and other critical health issues people face. Students studying at ACU gain knowledge and be exposed to technology and research scholars to help build their careers on the right path.

How cool are the universities in Sydney? Do you want to know more about each university’s admission process, eligibility, and bursaries for international students?

Well then, fill in the inquiry form and our expert counsellors will reach out to you in helping you achieve your dreams of studying in Australia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there challenges associated with studying engineering in Australia?
While Australia offers top-notch engineering programs, international students might consider factors like tuition costs, distance from home, or specific course offerings.
How does the quality of engineering education in Australia compare globally?
Australian engineering institutions are globally recognized and maintain high academic standards, comparable to other leading countries.
Are there opportunities for engineering internships and practical training in Australia?
Yes, many Australian engineering courses incorporate practical training, internships, and industry projects.
How is the job market for engineering graduates in Australia?
Australia has a robust engineering sector, but job opportunities can vary based on the engineering discipline and economic factors.

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