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Why study at Torrens University?


Whether you want to pursue your higher education online or on-campus, Torrens University in Australia is one of the best universities to pursue your dream course and land a job in any territory across the world. With over 280+ courses designed to make you future-ready, you have ample course choices that align with your long-term career goals.

And guess what? The institution offers unique Torrens University scholarships for international students (a range of scholarships) to study and graduate seamlessly in the prescribed time. If you want to enroll at a university in Australia in 2022, this blog is a good read.

Here you go!

Torrens University Scholarships for International Students

Torrens University scholarships for international students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels are:

  • Alumni scholarships
  • Business and Technology scholarships
  • Creative Technology scholarships
  • Design scholarships
  • Education scholarships
  • Health scholarships
  • Hospitality scholarships
  • Blue Mountains International Hotel School scholarships
  • Indigenous Student scholarships
  • Industry scholarships
  • International scholarships

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Work-Integrated Learning at Torrens University

Work-Integrated Learning is an innovative practice in which international students can put their hands on practical works in their chosen field, whilst studying the contemporary theoretical side. Students can engage in hands-on learning and collaborate with professionals and trainers to gain in-depth knowledge in their chosen field.

Torrens University partners with top-performing organisations across Australia in various industries. Hence, you will get an opportunity to experience real-time situations that you will come across in your career. Studying at Torrens ensures students graduate with ready to work skills and allows them to gain a competitive edge to work in their dream organisation. The University's approach is tailored to suit any life stage. Hence, you'll find a course you would love to learn and thrive in.

Explore while learning 

Their innovative approach to learning allows international students to explore multiple things in their chosen domain. Besides, students can be a part of research activities to collaborate with industry experts and to expertise in their desired domain.

Collaborative environment 

At Torrens University, the classroom lectures provide students with an effective and immersive learning environment. One can collaborate with their fellow classmates and spend valuable time with academics in their field.

Insights from industry experts

Some of the academics at Torrens University are experienced industry experts, and they are the known best in the business. With their guidance and expertise, you can find a placement in the domain you love sooner than expected.

Torrens Universities' Campuses

  • Sydney

With a global population from over 200 countries, Sydney offers international students diverse cultural experiences. The location is close to many renowned landmarks, such as the Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House. The Sydney campus has a student training restaurant (William Blue Dining) and is also open to the public. 

  • Leura (Blue Mountains)

With just 1.5 hours away from Sydney, the Leura campus is bounded by Heritage rich beautiful waterfalls, wilderness and natural wonders such as the Three Sisters and Jenolan Caves. At Leura Campus, international students can experience living, working and studying in a hotel environment, gaining indispensable experience.

  • Melbourne

Rated as Australia's most liveable city for international students, Melbourne offers a multicultural environment to students with added advantages of industry and business connections. Students studying in Melbourne campus are in proximity to restaurants, art galleries, and cafes.

  • Brisbane

 You can study at Torrens Brisbane campus to spend your leisure days at Australia's favourite theme parks and the Gold Coast. Also, did you know that you can witness 300+ sunshine days in Brisbane?

  • Adelaide

Ranked as one of Australia's most affordable, accessible, safest and student-friendly cities, Adelaide is home to the Torrens University's Wakefield St campus. The city offers a vibrant cultural scene, low-cost living, and an additional year of post-study work rights to international students.

Study Modes at Torrens University

1. On-campus study

International students can choose a campus from one of the above five cities to study on-campus. Owing to small-sized classrooms, students can have dedicated time with their academicians.

2. Online study

Students enrolling in the online study can virtually connect with their fellow students, take up personalised classes from specialist lecturers and attend live classes on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are partially an online student or a full-time online student, you will have the same expertise and study modules as those on-campus.

3. Blended learning

Experience the best of both worlds! Get the experience of studying on-campus and enjoy on-demand classes right from the comfort of your home—an opportunity to suit your lifestyle.

Study levels at Torrens University

Short courses

Across all domains, Torrens offers students a range of short course options such as smart skills digital badges, on-demand short courses, micro-credentials, facilitated short courses, graduate certificates, MOOCs and single subjects.

  • 1-2 hour courses
  • 1 day to 1-week courses
  • 3-12 week courses
  • 6-month courses

Undergraduate courses

Torrens University offers bachelor degrees and diplomas across Business, Hospitality, Design and Creative Technology, Education and Health. The courses can either be accelerated options, part-time, one-to-four-year options or full-time time studies.

Postgraduate courses

Torrens University offers postgraduate courses to international students in Design, Business, Creative Technology, Health, Hospitality and Education. International students can pursue graduate diplomas, graduate certificates, and masters via part-time and accelerated study options.

Double Degrees

Can't decide on one course? At Torrens, you can complete two courses at the same time! The University offers a few double degrees, allowing international students to explore their dual interests at once. Upon graduation, this dynamic qualification can open doors to endless career opportunities in multiple fields.  

Double Degree Courses at Torrens University

  • Master of Business Administration and Global Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health
  • Master of Global Project Management and Public Health
  • Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health
  • Master of Global Project Management and Public Health
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial)
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential)
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of UX and Web Design
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Film and Video
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design 

Are you hoping to study in a student-friendly university in Australia? Then, why wait!

Torrens University is a haven for international students. So look no further and apply right away!

We'll help you choose the best course and scholarship at Torrens and guide you through a step-by-step process to enrol seamlessly at the University.

Just fill in the form. Our expert counsellors will help you out.

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