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Top pharmacy courses in New Zealand


Being a pharmacist is akin to being a detective in a crime thriller. Just like a detective takes a look at the crime scene, gets to know the background of the victims, puts the pieces together and solves the case, a pharmacist gets a basic history, medication history, blood tests and other details to see how a healthcare plan would fit. Once the plan kicks in, there is a lot of satisfaction to see a patient get better. As an expert in medicine, it is highly rewarding to see medicines and health plans improve the quality of life in certain health conditions. The dynamics of working as a pharmacist in the present day have changed tremendously. As a pharmacist, you would be an important part of the healthcare ecosystem, and provide services to old-age care, community health, and management of lifestyle-related conditions.

Pharmaceutical careers are emerging as a very popular profession, especially in recent times with the whole world battling pandemics and health scares. New Zealand has a population of almost 4 million people and a strong healthcare system and a thriving economy that makes it a wise choice to pursue a career in pharmacology in New Zealand. 

Top pharmacy courses to pursue in New Zealand 

1. Graduate Diploma in Science- Pharmacology

The study of pharmacology has evolved over time, with the realization that certain chemicals can have a profound effect on the body. By harnessing these substances, we can create treatments for various ailments, or even prevent them altogether. A diploma in pharmacology would let you explore the nuances of the science behind using various chemical compounds to create medicines. It paves the way for a graduate or even a post-graduate degree as a pathway for further studies.  

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy- Honours

The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours (B.Pharm(Hons)) degree is a career-focused, professionally accredited pharmacy degree. Students learn to apply essential concepts in science and research as they prepare for a future in healthcare. The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours (B.Pharm(Hons)) degree is a career-focused, professionally accredited pharmacy degree. As a BSC in Pharmacy student, you would learn to apply essential concepts in science and research as you prepare for a future in healthcare. 

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacology

Keep learning as you develop your career by enrolling in a postgraduate diploma. You have the option to take coursework or complete a project or dissertation as part of the program — whatever best fits with your schedule and needs. The post-graduate diploma in pharmacology is designed to help you build on your existing skills and knowledge, giving you a leg up toward advanced degrees such as master's and doctoral programs. 

4. Master of Science- Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of how drugs work on humans. Drugs are substances that change the properties of living things, like people. Pharmacology is concerned with how these drugs produce their effects and how we can improve drug technology to allow us to live healthier lives. The Master of Science (MSc) is a two-year degree in which you will learn both coursework and research. There are various modes by which you can take up the course depending on your diploma or graduation. The Masters's degree would help you build a career in academics or research and innovation in pharmacology or toxicology.  

5. Doctor of Philosophy- Pharmacology

A PhD is a globally recognised graduate-level degree in research. PhD students are critical and creative thinkers who undertake original research for at least three years. Candidates will engage in a program of original research with their supervisor and department experts. You may also be working on other personal and professional skills, such as your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

Popular Courses


Bachelors in Pharmacy

The University of Auckland

BA Arts/ Science- Pharmacology

The University of Otago

Diploma in Pharmacology

The University of Auckland

Masters of Science- Pharmacology

The University of Otago

Postgraduate Dip. in Pharmacy

The University of Auckland

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Career options for a pharmacist in New Zealand

Aspiring pharmacists in New Zealand must complete a four-year university program culminating in a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, followed by fifty-two weeks of training at approved pharmaceutical establishments. This process ensures that those who register and practise as pharmacists are highly qualified and capable professionals.

Counting the pills or packing them is not the only function of pharmacists in the present day. As health care evolves day by day, pharmacists are now providing more and more new services such as helping smokers give up their addiction, providing immunisations, health checks and monitoring. They are also undertaking more speciality roles. This means a career in pharmacy can be varied and exciting. 

As a pharmacist you can explore the following careers:

  • Hospital pharmacy executive
  • Specialised pharmacist
  • Regulatory officer in medicine
  • Researcher
  • Academic detailer
  • Policy advisor

Salaries for pharmacists in New Zealand 

Salary for a fresher

AUD 55,000-57,000

Salary for a medium-skilled professional

AUD 120,000

Salary for experienced professional

AUD 160,000-185,000

As a pharmacy graduate in New Zealand, you can step into a career that would always be in demand and would evolve as time passes. At AECC we have tied up with the best universities in New Zealand to ensure you are on the right educational path. Explore courses through our Course search platform or talk to a counsellor immediately.  

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